Shows To Watch On Netflix To Add A Little Color To Your Life
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5 Shows To Watch On Netflix To Add A Little Color To Your Life

Just a list of shows that help with a representation of a diverse population.


There is no doubt that in the past couple of years, diversity has taken the reigns of the film and TV industry and shows no signs of letting loose. It's amazing that this is happening because now movies and TV shows have an accurate depiction about what the world and what America is actually like. We are a melting pot filled with people from all different walks of life. This includes race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, etc.

However, if you're still having some trouble finding a nice, diverse, beautiful show to watch, here are 5 amazing shows on Netflix that will satiate that craving we should all have for an equal representation:

"One Day At A Time"

Though this beautiful and diverse show has been canceled, for now, the feeling that this story about a family of Cuban-Americans has left in the heart of so many is unlike any other. This sit-com is guaranteed to make you laugh, sob, get angry and get educated. This show has placed an emphasis on immigration, anxiety, depression, coming-out, being gender non-binary, religion, and politics in the three seasons that it has existed. It has created an impact while making us laugh along the way. It's a show you won't regret starting.

"Jane the Virgin"

This is another dramatic comedy that is guaranteed to keep you on your toes with the telenovela layout that they have going on. There are so many plot twists and turns. And not to mention, the main character, Jane Villanueva is phenomenally Latina. The final season of this show is currently airing on CW so if I were you, I'd get cracking on the seasons on Netflix... there's a lot to know.

"The Good Place"

Yes! Another forking comedy! Three out of six of the main cast of The Good Place are people of color, and what makes that fact so beautiful is that the show is able to display the diversity in such a way that you hardly even notice it. Which is very true to real life. We recognize our friends and even family members that are different than us. We recognize their cultures and differences; however, at the end of the day, they are our friends and family and that's all that matters.

"All American"

Finally, it's a drama. But it's not just any drama. All American shows a predominantly black cast, not to mention a freaking beautiful cast. This show talks about tough issues such as gangs, academic opportunities that are racially skewed, modern-day racism, drugs and mental illness, and many many more. This show has strong male characters and even stronger female characters. This show is at risk of being canceled after it's first season. It would be absolutely heartbreaking to see a show as necessary and essential to diversity today to be canceled, so if you have the time, the first season is only 16 episodes, please give it a chance.


Last but definitely not least, there is Glee. It is every bit of fun as it is dramatic, and it's a classic. This show came out in 2009 and already displayed a diverse cast beyond what you would think you would see in 2009. Tina and Mike are Asian-American students with immense artistic talent. Mercedes is fiercely talented and black. Artie has a physical disability and is in a wheel-chair; however, his story doesn't just revolve around his disability, because he is much more than that. Rachel is arguably the main character of the show, and she is Jewish. Kurt is gay and we get to see his coming out story. And there are many, many more things about this show that make it great. All of the episodes of this finished show are on Netflix, so go on and binge it.

I hope you will add some, if not all, of these beautiful and diverse shows to your watch list. Let's keep doing our best to promote diversity in our TV shows! It's so incredibly important.

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