Everyone Should Watch Netflix's 'Sex Education,' Let Me Educate You Why

So, it's second-semester senior year. It's a time full of job applications, color coding planners and preparing yourself for adulthood.

OR it's a time when you start all of these new Netflix series. Which is exactly what my roommates and I did.

"Sex Education."

And no, not the one week class that we all took in high school. The show.

Everyone go watch it.

I honestly can not think of one bad thing to say about this show. It's hilarious, it's clever and it could not be more real.

The show is definitely meant for an older audience, but when I say that my roommate and I loved it, I mean we watched the entire series in one day. It's only eight episodes and it goes by so fast you won't even know what happened. Which is precisely why I am so upset that there isn't already a second season.

This show has a very diverse cast. You have Otis who is the awkward kid whose mom is a sex therapist. He hates all of it and doesn't know how to function at school. He wants to just get through high school and be able to get out of there.

Meanwhile, his best friend Eric is gay and in love with the school's all-star swimmer Jackson, who is kind of a jerk, but quickly develops into a character who is a pretty likable guy (in my opinion).

However, Jackson is in love with Maeve. Maeve is probably one of the best characters.

She lives in a trailer park alone because her family situation is not ideal and is judged by everyone at the school. She is hard to understand and is hard to get to know because she's so cold towards other people, but when she meets Otis, she decides that they are going to start doing a relationship service where they help couples and other people at their school with their love lives.

All while this is going on, there's a guy named Adam who is having all of this trouble of his own, mostly because his dad is the headmaster of their school and is really hard on him. You feel bad for him for the majority of the show, even though he goes out of his way to cause trouble sometimes.

Y'all, when I say this show is so good, it is so good. Netflix honestly killed it with this one.

They talk about conversations that a lot of people don't want to talk about. It brings up issues that people feel like they have addressed but really haven't.

Basically, what I'm saying is, if you haven't watched this show, you have to. I don't think you will regret it, and soon you will be joining my roommates and me in counting down the days until season two is out. And when that time comes, you are more than welcome to watch the entire season in one day with us.

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