I Am Priceless

Learning That I am Priceless

I have learned a thing or two since I started college last year. Actually I have learned many things about being my own self-advocate, how to communicate with professors and other students better, and how much I love my family back home. But the most important and main thing I learned is how to love myself, I know right? How can I love the Lord with all my heart and others if I don’t love myself? Well that’s just it, I can’t fully love anyone or anything if I don’t love myself first.

Constantly Bringing Myself Down

Throughout middle school, high school, and even college. I have the tendency to look at everything that is wrong with me. Why don’t I always make good decisions, why doesn’t this person like me, why am I so blunt, they think I’m weird and psychotic, why doesn’t any the guys I like, like me back. All these lies Satan keeps telling me and I listen to those instead of listening to voice of the Lord. Which the lord says I am beautifully and wonderfully made and has cleansed me all the things I have done wrong and of others who have done me wrong. So maybe it’s time to love myself.

Others Who have Brought Me Down

Throughout college, so far I'm always the girl that gets friend zoned by guys. It literally makes me think there is something wrong with me. Am I not skinny enough, am I too introverted, do I act too much like the guys. One of my really good guy friends ended up completely cutting me out of his life because I liked him and told him. Others friends who say they will be there but then don't reach out to me. Even if others leave, the God who sent his one and only son to die for us, which is what this season is about. Realizing that I was worth it enough to him to send his one and only son, Jesus, who was willing to do for me. Also I have family and close friends who love me unconditionally and support me all the way.

I Am Priceless and So are You

So for any girl out there who doesn't think there pretty enough, skinny or thick enough. Just drop all those labels because beauty comes from within and God thought we were all priceless enough to gives us his one and only son then to die on the cross for us. I get it Satan throws stuff at all of us that makes you feel so ugly, trust me I been there. But for King and Country have had there song "Priceless" released for about a year now and they came out with a move about it too about a month ago. It talks about how girls are worth fighting for and worth so much more then her outward appearance. So now I finally got through my head that I am Priceless

Song: Priceless by For Kind and Country

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