Shawn Mendes' Concert Was Worth It, Even As A 20-Year Old Fan

I have been an avid Shawn Mendes fan for a couple of years, but never once thought about actually going to his concert. As a college student that lives where nothing is remotely close, I wasn't willing to spend the time or money. But alas, $88 and four hours later, I was sitting nosebleed seats at a sold-out concert.

Honestly, it was a tad bit awkward to be a 20-year old surrounded by preteen girls and 16-year old screaming fans, who were spending a bit too much on a merch t-shirt.

For having nosebleeds seats, I actually had a pretty good view to his left side. If I fully zoomed in on his face with my camera, I could see the sweat on his face. Don't even get me started on the sight of his biceps from my seat. I would recommend sitting to the left or right side of the stage, not towards the center. I was a tad bit ticked off with Amalie Arena for failing to actually turn on the giant monitors for everyone who didn't spend over $100 on their tickets to see Shawn.

But once we were actually seated and the concert began, I was mesmerized. The opening act was Alessia Cara, beautiful voice, however at times a tad bit raspy. But, she was a great start to get the crowd energized. Between a mix of her top hits to Disney classics to a brand new unreleased song, it was a great opening.

There was a slight intermission afterward and then the sweet voice of "Lost in Japan" began and everyone lost their mind. The deafening sounds of hundreds of fans was mind-blowing, just to hear everyone sing along with his songs.

I definitely didn't expect for his voice to be higher, when he hit the high notes plus put a looper with it, it was crazy. He sung for an hour and a half straight without a break, ran back and forth off stage to a different stage for a piano piece, and shot confetti cannons at the end of the show.

All the traffic, gas money, and screaming fans were completely worth it.

If you are a Mendes fan, I highly encourage you to go. It was something that was really an once in a lifetime experience.

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