Standing in this shattered mirror

the rough edges of glass blur the picture

but in my head, I see it clearer

the rolls that hang to my sides

the lines that mark my thighs

my sunken smile, my hopeless eyes.

I haven't always seen myself this way.

When I was little I used to be able to carelessly play

with my friends who did not notice any

difference between me and them.

But then we got older and those differences

became a dead end.

It's hard to live in a world where I'm surrounded

by perfection from every angle,

magazine, and network on my television.

Why can't I have the soft skin, straight teeth,

tight stomach, and toned thighs?

The questions roll over and over in my head

when I lay in my bed.

The words thrown from sneering lips

"You're fat"

"You're gross"

"Look at the jiggle on her hips"

The words only cut deeper

like a blade

leaving the scars that became clearer

indications of my hateful self.

Maybe I do need help.

A day came around

where I discovered something I wish

I had found.


A magical mystery that gave me strength.

To believe in myself, my body, my life.

No need to hide because there is a much

bigger force on my side

than hateful young girls who can hide

behind computer screens to try

and hurt me.

I learned to love myself the way my creator

loves me.

Because I am a creation of divine perfection

which was intricately crafted to be me.

Every curve, every mark, every jiggle, is all part

of His art.

So NOW I stand in front of myself, happy, whole

and full of self LOVE not HATE.

Because I have learned to appreciate

this temple I have been granted.

I learned to love me, will you learn to love you?