Music sets the mood for everything. It can cue a dramatic scene in "Keeping up with the Kardashians," pump you up when you’re exercising, and even make you want to get freaky. In fact, listening to music when you’re getting it on with someone is said (by me) to heighten sexual arousal by 75 percent.

But a sex playlist can’t just be an assortment of your favorite songs, it has to be activity appropriate. For example, just because your favorite song is “Kill You” doesn’t mean that you should listen to Eminem fantasizing about murdering his ex-wife before you climax.

The sex playlist you use also depends on the person you’re with. In a committed relationship, “Earned It” is highly appropriate to play. But if comes on when you’re with a 2 a.m. booty call and The Weeknd sings shit like “Cause girl you're perfect, you're always worth it, and you deserve it,” the vibes quickly change from sex with no feelings attached to romantic lovemaking. Instant boner killer.

Sex can be raw, passionate, dirty, fun, rough, sexy, and awkward, and music has the ability to change the vibes instantly. Incorporate a wide range of songs on your playlist so that you’re not stuck with the same sappy and slow songs and be creative. Attend to the person you’re with, but also keep them on their toes. Not every song is right for every person, so you might need various playlists on tab.

Here’s an eclectic composition of songs that can help you jump start your very own sex soundtrack:

“Earned It” by The Weeknd: Like I said, this can be very uncomfortable when played with someone who you don’t have strong feelings for. Reserve for passionate and slow sex.

“Jesus Walks” by Kanye West: In this song Kanye calls to God to seek redemption for his sins. Perfect for rough and premarital sex.

“The Need To Know” (ft. SZA) by Wale: This sensual song is great for people who have been hooking up for a while but haven’t yet DTR (defined the relationship).

“Like a Prayer” by Madonna: For those in touch with their spirituality and love to give head; i.e. “I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there.”

“Get’cha Head In The Game” from High School Musical: This is a pump up song that tells your partner to stop screwing around (not literally) and focus on pleasuring you.

“3005” by Childish Gambino: Very chill and good for casual make-out sessions (if you ignore the chorus when Gambino says he’ll be there for this girl until the year 3005).

“Body On Me” by Nelly, Ashanti, Akon: The title says it all.

“Pokemon Theme” by Pokémon: For the player who’s trying to “catch them all” and show every person they’re with “the power that’s inside” them. This is fun to put in the middle of your playlist to switch things up and catch your partner off guard.

“No Interruption” by Hoodie Allen: partner know it’s gonna be a long night. Good for one night stands.

“Lights Please: by J. Cole: J. Cole practically wingman-ing (or woman-ing) you here in his chorus when he suggests turning the lights off to get freaky.

“I Just Had Sex” by The Lonely Island: No playlist is complete without this song. Don’t be afraid to sing along.