People Magazine Released 2018's 'Sexiest Men Alive' And We're Swooning

People Magazine Released 2018's 'Sexiest Men Alive' And We're Swooning

What better way to slowly end 2018 then a list of hot men? Other than maybe hot men holding puppies..


Since practically the dawn of time People Magazine has leased their rankings of the Sexiest Man Alive. 2010 was Ryan Reynolds (my favorite dreamboat). Channing Tatum in 2012, with Adam Levine following in 2013. It's no doubt that People Magazine know how to pick out some really hot celebrities. While they include pictures of the sexy men in their 2018 issue, the pictures don't fully capture their beauty to their full extent.

Here are People's picks for the sexiest men of 2018:

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10 James Charles Quotes To Live By

Hey, sisters!


Whether you love him or hate him, we all have to admit James Charles has some of the most iconic quotes of all time. Personally, I live for James Charles and his Youtube videos. He has the best content by fair of any beauty influencer. UM HELLO?? His collaboration with Morphe is absolutely stunning and of course, I had to buy it. But here are some of my favorite James Charles quotes, most I use on a daily basis.

1. Sister spooked

Let's face it, we all get a little sister spooked when we look at our grades or bank account. This quote is the perfect way to describe that feeling.

2. TEA!!

OH THE TEA!!! We all love a good tea spill. I have to be honest, I do use this on a regular basis.

3. Not with that attitude

The phrase to use when someone is being a negative Nancy.

4. Good and fresh

Because when something is good, it's not just good, it's good and fresh.

5. Good and FUN and fresh

When it's really good and fresh, it's good and FUN and fresh. Perfect phrase for all situations!

6. Use Code James for 10% off

If you're a true James Charles fan, you know that this is THE quote James is best known for. We all love some sister savings!!

7. Hello?

This is the question you ask yourself after you study all night for a test and see the first question.

8. Love that

We don't say "I like that" or "That looks good," we say "Love that." Why? Because it sounds better.

9. Spill the tea sis

This is the saying you use when you know your friend has some juicy information to tell you, but just won't say it.

10. Hey kitty girl

If you're close friends with me, you know this is how I will greet you because saying "Hey" is just too boring.

Just some of the iconic quotes that James Charles has blessed us with! That is all, kitty girls.

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A Different Side Of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga deserves some credit, and not just for her crazy costumes and top hits.


We all know Lady Gaga for her memorable red carpet outfits, music videos, and songs. Yet, there is a whole other side to Lady Gaga that people are missing out on. She can truly be an inspiration to us all, whether you like her music or not.

1. She does what she wants and does not care what anyone thinks

I mean seriously, who else would wear a meat dress to the MTV video awards? She wears and does whatever she wants, regardless of what the public has to say about it. We could all use to be a little bit more like Lady Gaga. I doubt any of us could pull of the meat dress as well as she does, but there is still a lesson to be learned from it. She is making a bold statement. She is being confident in herself. She is doing what she wants and what makes her happy. And that is something we should all do. So next time you doubt yourself, just think about what Lady Gaga would tell you to do. She would tell you to be yourself and embrace your uniqueness.

2. She does not let pain take over her life

Lady Gaga is probably one of the toughest and strongest people out there. She broke her hip on tour and continued to perform. She did not do this for herself. She did this for her fans. She neglected the pain of her broken hip until it was unbearable and she was forced to cancel the rest of her shows. Like seriously, I get a minor cold and I call Urgent Care. But she had a broken hip and continued to perform. And let's not forget that she probably does some of the most difficult and intense dance moves in her performances, while wearing high heels. That takes some kind of dedication.

And because a broken hip is not enough, she also struggles with fibromyalgia. This causes her to live with chronic pain on a daily basis. Since there is no real cure for fibromyalgia, she can only do treatments that help to relieve the pain temporarily. Yet, she still continues to go all out and does not let her pain stop her from doing anything. We should learn from her, and not let pain stop us from accomplishing what we want.

3. She can sing, dance, and act

The talent that Lady Gaga possesses is truly unreal. Try to find someone with a better voice than her. Trick question, you can't. Between her voice and choreography, I thought I had seen the extent of her talent. Yet, "A Star is Born" took my obsession with her to a whole other level. I knew she was talented but I never knew she could act. And of course she killed it. The movie also gave her the chance to just sing. She didn't have to focus on putting on a show or some type of performance. Oh, and did I mention that she is also a songwriter? The capabilities of Lady Gaga are endless. She is more than just a singer. She is a real person with real problems. Yet, she somehow seems to have her shit together. So maybe we should all be more like her. A little more Gaga in our lives will never hurt.

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