Seven Reasons to get Addicted to Yoga

Seven Reasons to get Addicted to Yoga

Looking for a new activity or better way to exercise? Then give yoga a try!

For those of you who have heard about yoga but have yet to experience it, or for the novice who would like to get more focused, here are seven reasons why you should get addicted to yoga.

1. It is great for with dealing with anxiety, stress and depression.

Whether you're anxious by nature or find yourself going through a stressful week, yoga is well-known for reducing stress, anxiety and depression levels. Yoga helps clear your mind and helps you focus on how to be calmer in everyday life.

2. It's the only exercise that works out your internal organs.

When we're exercising, we tend to focus on the outside, specifically with building up muscle and eliminating fat. However, yoga offers poses that work out your internal organs such as your kidneys.

3. Yoga places emphasis on breathing.

Yoga has exercises that focus entirely on breathing and how to improve your lung capacity. Whether you just want to learn better breathing habits or have asthma, yoga has been known to help people have stronger lungs over time from these practices.

4. There are poses that are suitable for different ages and different levels of intensity.

Whether you're going on 20 or are in your 70s, there is a variety of poses that are suitable for all ages and those can be modified for different age groups or levels of flexibility.

5. Yoga poses can be modified.

While it can be discouraging at first seeing expert yoga practitioners pull off more complicated poses, such as crow or handstand scorpion, it should be known that the majority of yoga poses can be modified to suit physical limitations so that it's still possible to try a great variety of these exercises even if you're not a flexible person when starting out.

6. It's great to do by yourself or with a group of friends.

Depending on your schedule and your current mood, you can either set up in a quiet space by yourself to work on some poses or try poses that were created to do with a partner. It can be a fun bonding experience with friends whether you're experts or novices, and it's a great way to get some exercise without having to make a trip to the gym.

7. Yoga helps improve concentration in general.

Yoga places great emphasis on being focused and paying attention when doing different poses. It's an exercise that teaches you to pay attention to your body and how to help it both inside and out. It teaches concentration and focus when you need to calm down, if you find your mind becoming overwhelmed or you just need to tune out to recollect yourself.

If any of these reasons struck an interest in you, check out local yoga classes nearby (many times there will be classes that are just donation based rather than having to pay a membership price) or even start small and Google yoga video poses for beginners.

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