Senior year was a whirlwind of first times, new experiences, and people that will be apart of my life forever. Although it was a struggle to feel in tune with myself, I never regretted a single thing I did or said.

Now that I'm about to finish up my freshman year of college, I realized that I definitely did enjoy my last few weeks of high school, where I spent my afternoons in my best friend's backyard, eating McDonald's and talking about life.

I barely had any responsibilities, and you should take this time to realize how lucky you are to be living this life and to have made it this far. Dear seniors, during your last few weeks of high school…

Stop being scared of the unknown.

I spent my nights worrying about what college would be like and how my life would change. I cared too much about moving out and almost thought about going to a college closer nearby. Do not worry too much about these things because they're literally so far out of your control.

Whatever happens, is meant to happen. You're going to fit right in at your new school, and despite what you believe, you will be able to survive on your own. Even though everything is going to be up in the air after graduation, you're going to be just fine.

Ignore every little bit of high school drama.

Think about it this way. In a few weeks, none of this will matter anymore. There won't be any hallway fights or any petty drama about someone stealing someone's best friend. In college, all that stuff rarely ever happens. Enjoy your last few weeks in high school without adding more fuel to the fire.

Everything that annoyed you for the past four years is about to be long gone, so there's no point dwelling on it for longer than necessary.

Cherish your friends and family.

Before you know it, the girls you see every day will be miles away from you. Your family will only be able to reach you via FaceTime. Although you have seen these people so much, a lot of things can change after graduation so make sure to cherish them even more than usual.

They were your support group during the roughest of times, but now you'll be at a distance from that. Make sure to make enough time for these people even throughout the frenzy of these last few weeks.

Go to every senior event your school is having.

Usually, your school will have a senior prom and some sort of senior day, and I would recommend going to every single event you can go to. This is the last time you'll ever have a prom, or have a chance to get everyone to sign your yearbook. Trust me, you won't look dumb, everyone is just as sentimental as you are about to be when you walk down that aisle to get your diploma.

Just live in the moment for once.

Every moment during your senior year is going to be a memory one day in the future, so you might as well make it some good ones. It's okay to skip that class or to go on that midnight adventure if you know that it's going to make you happier. There are so many decisions and paths you can go down if you just let yourself live and let live. Stop worrying about the consequences and what others are going to think about you.

Although senior year can be stressful amongst the midst of getting accepted to college and planning out your future, remember that it's supposed to be fun and you're finally about to enter a new phase of your life. It's all part of growing up, and it can be the most exciting thing ever if you make it that.