We all know that even when they don't ask for it, literally every girl in the world wants us guys to send them a Dick pic, right? So then why does it seem so hard to get a positive reaction out of them when we do? Well, I've got some tips for you that are guaranteed to make her adore your unrequested Dick pic!

First of all, make sure there isn't too much hair. Now, of course, this is just preference. I've noticed however that this style of Dick pic is most effective at getting a positive reaction from the woman that didn't ask for it, but that you sent it to anyway. If you use a picture of a Dick with a ton of hair, it may become distracting and detract from the natural beauty of said Dick's head. A minimalistic amount of hair in your Dick pic is ideal, in my opinion. If you are dead set on showing some, don't have it be too distracting. I like my Dick pics to have just a bit on the sides.

The next step to sending the perfect Dick pic is to select a picture that has elegance and meaning to it. The picture you chose should have the subject posed correctly. Make sure that the lighting in the pic is good, and that the Dick in your pic conveys some sort of feeling or emotion. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Lastly, and this is absolutely imperative, make sure that you have a good background in your Dick pic. Use something that speaks to the character of the Dick in your pic. The background shouldn't just be some messy room, it should have meaning to it. The background of the pic should be used to inform something about the Dick in it.

Using these tips, the Dick pics you send should beyond a doubt get a positive reaction from the unsuspecting women you send them to. When you have followed these tips absolutely perfectly, the Dick pic you select to send should look just like this:

Dick Cheney

This style of Dick pic is called the Cheney. Other popular forms of Dick pics include the Van Dyke, which is great for girls that love to laugh, the Wolf for the type of girl that just can't get enough of crime dramas, and lastly, for the nerdier girls that may be into comics, the Grayson.

Disclaimer: This article pertains only to the sending of pictures containing the images of men named Richard who go by the nickname Dick. Under no circumstances should unrequested images of the male reproductive organ with the same name ever be sent. That's just pervy and gross. Literally, nobody would be happy to get that message without requesting it, and even some people that have requested it may be unhappy to receive it. Just keep your dirty pictures to yourselves, you freaks.