Self Love Is So Important

Self Love Is So Important

Give society a hair flip and move on hunny, life is too short to care what others think.

Self-love is a very basic principle but yet there are so many people who do not practice or feel it. You were put on this earth for a reason, even though there may be many different beliefs regarding that concept, you are you, and that's all you've got.

You only have one life with only one body - the body that you have, the brain that you have, the smile that only you have. When you look in the mirror you will see what you are but not exactly who you are. Focus on who you are and loving the person that you give to the world, then focus on what you see. You need to love the inner being of yourself first before you can even start to focus on the outside.

Everyone is so different in so many ways. You are one of a kind. You are unique. Yes, society may not approve of your uniqueness, but who really cares?

Give society a hair flip and move on honey because life is too short to care what others think.

In order to have self-love, you must be confident. You must be confident in yourself and your ability to do anything you set your mind to. The world and the people in it are beautiful and we have so many resources to do whatever we put our minds to. The only thing stopping you in life is you.

Don't talk yourself out of things and don't have self-doubt. There are times when life throws things at us, but that is when self-love should kick in and be the strongest. If you love yourself, you will always get back up from any downfall that life throws at you.

Today, tomorrow and next year you will still be you. As long as you are you, that will always be enough.

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An Open Letter To My Thyroid Disease

A glimpse at what it's like living with Hypothyroidism: the abnormally low activity of the thyroid gland.


Dear Thyroid,

You took so much away from me. My confidence. My excitement. My willingness to take opportunities. Even my happiness.

You made me hate myself, my body and my surroundings. You made me not want to be here anymore.

You allowed me to push away friends and family. You allowed me to totally lose myself.

I went from being athletic,energetic, and outgoing to becoming someone who was always in pain and discouragement.

You forced me to look into the mirror at someone double in size, yet half of a spirit.

You took chunks out of my long, beautiful hair and made it become thinner and thinner.

It wasn't my body anymore, it was yours.

You took me to many doctors that told me it was just a phase of adjustment to college. You made me feel deranged. You made me feel irrelevant.

Because of you, I will never have a normal metabolism, brain, heart, liver, or even reproductive system.

Because of you, I'll never believe I'm beautiful.

Because of you, everything changed.


I realized who will really stick beside me, no matter how much I push them away.

I gained a new perspective on depression and how I'm no where near being alone.

I pushed through even though you fought so hard to keep me back.

I found a boy who reminds me I'm beautiful, even if he has to tell me everyday until I believe it.

I appreciate my mother more than ever. Her patience is beyond me.

I understand just how lucky I really am.

I'd say you win, but that would be a lie.

Not so Respectfully,

Brenna Barber

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8 super shows and marvelous movies That Normalize Gun Violence For Young Viewers

The world we live in today includes everyone having a television, computer and Internet. These devices include shows and movies that have been showing something very important lately: gun violence.


In today's world, we have so many television shows and movies that bring attention to different things that are going wrong in our world. One common theme or aspect is said to be gun violence.. This could be in a bad way by showing violence or in a good way by showing how we cannot always use guns to solve our problems. Here are five different shows and movies that have been showing these aspects in the past and now.

1. Supergirl

This is Supergirl agreeing that we should have a control on gun violence.


"Supergirl" is a D.C. show that shows Kara Danvers as Supergirl. She is the cousin of Superman, so they both are basically the same. She helps those in her city and keeps them safe from any danger.

In one of their recent episodes, it shows Supergirl with her mother on a different planet, and the rest of her team here on Earth to fight someone who has taken one of their guns. Her team is stuck on whether they should use their own guns to fight him or not, and this brings in the issue of gun violence because if one keeps watching the leader of the team make the decision, from now on, the D.E.O (The Department of Extra- Normal Operations) will be using stinging guns instead of actual rifle guns.

This will be used in order to prevent any other violence that could be risen. Their decision to get rid of the guns goes hand-in-hand with how we Americans, too, should be getting rid of guns because they are harmful and hurt those around us.

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