We are all our own worst critics. However, to what extent can we judge ourselves until it begins to affect our day to day lives? The way we are perceived and present ourselves is of much greater importance than fitting into social molds.

In the professional realm, first impressions are vital to success. Whether it be walking into a job interview or pitching your product to a potential buyer, a good first impression is what will get you the job, or the buyer to express interest in your product. Without a solid first impression, opportunities will slowly diminish one by one.

Confidence is one of the most recognized and praised personality traits in society today. Confidence not only presents itself through the way we dress and carry ourselves, but is also displayed through the ways in which we communicate. Hypothetically, while a person with confidence would stand by their product's potential 100%, a person with low confidence– on the contrary–may feed into potential flaws pointed out about their product and allow critique to affect them personally.

In this instance, the persistence and emanating confidence of the person that stands by their product may get catch the buyers interest, if not because of their product alone, but because of their confidence. However, the low confidence individual would most likely not catch the buyers interest and would definitely not be recognized for their low confidence and defeatist attitude.

When you judge the way you look, act, and feel on a day to day basis, it directly translates to a deflated confidence, defeatist attitude, and an overall vulnerable state. Not only do you feel lowly when you are this harsh on yourself, you are also perceived equally as negative by those around you.

The perception of others only matters when you care enough to pay immense attention to it. If you learn to embrace who you are, no matter any outside opinion, the perception of people in society couldn't matter less to you. After all, you should always strive to be the best version of yourself.

We all live one life, in the body we are given, with the personality quirks we are born with. Embrace who you are! If you can't embrace and love who you are inside and out, how can you expect anyone else to?