A Week Of Self-Care Days To Schedule Into Your Life ASAP
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A Week Of Self-Care Days You Need To Schedule Into Your Life ASAP

I promise it'll be the best decision you've ever made for yourself.

A Week Of Self-Care Days You Need To Schedule Into Your Life ASAP

In our busy schedules, it's hard to make time for ourselves. However, making time for yourself is the most important part of maintaining a healthy life-work balance. It can be so hard to find time to even put on a face mask or sometimes even take a shower, but if you schedule periodic days dedicated to just yourself or calming things to do, then the stressful days don't seem quite as stressful as they once were.

Here are some ideas for days to add to your schedule ASAP:

1. A deep cleaning day

Cleaning isn't everyone's cup of tea (admittedly it isn't mine) but it's so satisfying to really clean all of the things that you've been meaning to for forever. Turn on some tunes, light a candle, and enjoy sitting in your fresh room/apartment after you're done.

2. A Netflix and chill day

Catch up on the shows you've been meaning to watch. Let yourself get to the "Continue watching?" page. It's your Netflix day; don't let Netflix shame you into turning off your show.

3. A traditional self-care day

I enjoyed one of these today. I whipped out the good lotion, the good face mask, exfoliated, and I felt like a whole new person after. 11/10 recommend.

4. A hobby day

Whether you're into reading, writing, knitting, basketball, or anything in between, block out some time to do your thing. If you don't have a thing, take a class and learn how to do something you've always wanted. New skills can always be fun.

5. A girls' day

This needs to be scheduled at LEAST monthly. It doesn't matter what you do; get your girls together and let your friendship do the rest. With the right group of people, anything can be a good time. Get your girls together and let the magic happen.

6. A family day

Your family, if you're lucky, can be a very supportive and enjoyable group of people to be around. Schedule a night and grab dinner or go to a hockey game or literally just spend time with them in any capacity. I always miss my family when I'm gone so any amount of time with them is time well spent.

7. A cheat day

It's hard to try to be healthy all of the time. It's good to take care of your body, but every once in a while indulge yourself in all of the things that you love. Get the fries. Eat the ice cream. Get your chocolatey frappuccino. Treat yourself.

Enjoy your self-care, friends!

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