Treat Yo' Self By Dedicating One Day A Week To Self Care
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Health and Wellness

Treat Yo' Self To 1 Day A Week That Is ONLY Dedicated To Self Care, Your Body And Mind Will Thank You

Because sometimes, ditching the schedule and responsibilities is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Treat Yo' Self To 1 Day A Week That Is ONLY Dedicated To Self Care, Your Body And Mind Will Thank You

Self-care is a hot topic for everyone. Magazines write about it, books praise it, celebrities endorse it and social media has begun marketing it. Self-care is all about taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally in order to become the best version of yourself possible.

I love the self-care wave. I think it is very inspiring and has definitely altered my views on myself. Taking the time to focus on yourself is beneficial. It boosts self-confidence, it creates higher self-esteem and promotes enhancing strengths and working on weaknesses.

Everybody has their own versions of self-care, some are extensive, and some are simple.

Self-care can be anything ranging from face masks to exercising, to binge-watching shows on your day off, all the way to social media detoxes and working on being present in the moment. Everyone has things they do for themselves to make them feel better in their skin.

The only downfall I have experienced when it comes to participating in the self-care craze is overthinking. In the past, I used to always think to myself that I needed to be doing more. I felt guilty during my self-care rituals. I felt like I was doing nothing.

While I was in the bath, I would beat myself up thinking about all the work I needed to complete for my internship. As I happily binged my shows, a dark cloud would loom over me and convince me that cleaning my room was more important. I would take short naps in order to wake up earlier so I could do more work.

You see, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the mindset that you always have to be productive.

It is so easy to forget that you are human and you deserve a break. You deserve time to do absolutely nothing.

Being a hard-worker, a planner, Type A, whatever you want to call it can be a really great trait, but when it comes to improving my health, wellness and confidence, it no longer was the case.

I began compromising with myself. I decided that I would begin a designated self-care day every weekend. Every weekend I schedule a whole day to myself to do whatever I want, and most of the time, it simply means to do nothing.

I wake up on these days with no particular plans in mind, just whatever I want to do.

These things are things I don't have to do, it is what I want to do. Most of the time it just means not looking at my email, not having to worry about work, not catching up on errands.

I watch shows all the time on my days off. I will sometimes try to engage my mind by reading a book or journaling. I sit on the couch aimlessly with my dog as he runs around the coffee table. I lay on a float in the pool. I FaceTime friends I haven't talked to in a while.

Every weekend is different, but there is absolutely nothing in particular I plan each day. I choose what I want to do in the moment.

No work, no schedules, no plan. Just this one day all about me. Just self-care.

Ultimately, this is the best thing I have ever decided to do for myself. I look forward to my weekends. I feel less stressed every week knowing I have nothing going on when Sunday approaches. My skin has cleared, I have been getting more sleep and I feel amazing physically, mentally and emotionally.

Don't feel guilty for focusing on you.

Don't feel guilty for not making plans or working.

Don't feel guilty for not being traditionally "productive."

A day all about you is the best form of self-care.

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