Secrets To A More Joyful Life

This list is for people like me. Whether you are stuck in a rut, enduring a difficult situation, or simply want a more positive frame of mind, hopefully applying these tips of mine will help lead you to the joyful and fulfilling everyday life that you desire!

1. Live in the here and now!

Each moment is such a gift, so instead of dwelling on the past or your speculations about the future, try to be mindful! Take in your surroundings and the words people are saying, and the contentment it will bring you is surreal.

2. Remember that everything is an opportunity for growth.

This picture that Demetri Martin doodled couldn't sum up success any better... Because this world is imperfect, there will be highs and lows in every path you pursue, whether it be what you hope to do in life or even who you aspire to be. Sometimes you will stumble, even when that is the last thing you want. But through all the "no's" you're told and all of the setbacks, remember that you're onto something! You'll keep coming back...

3. Seek to do a kind act of service for or give a genuine compliment to at least one person each day.

4. Try not to daydream.

Trust me- I know how blissfully enthralling it can be to imagine a possible future encounter or conversation. But think about it: when you indulge in these little fanciful thoughts about people or situations, you are altering your subconscious' perception of them! Studies have shown that your brain cannot distinguish imagining doing something from actually doing it. Sure, it sounds like a positive thing in the context of the article I've linked, but remember that the subjects had full control themselves over the results of that study! On the other hand, imagining something which pertains to situations that are not under your full control distorts your sense of reality because your brain equates your thoughts as real. Thus, when situations do not match what you thought, your brain is thrown for a loop and goes, "Wait, it was not supposed to happen this way! Something is wrong..." So to avoid leading yourself to that sinking feeling, see pointer #2- live in the moment! And if you are a daydreaming addict like myself, one healthier, more rewarding way to channel this energy is to make random predictions about matters that hold less significance to you. Center these predictions around specific things that can be sensorily verified in the next 24 hours. Like, "Watch me run into Avery today," Or, "I bet Riley is wearing a green shirt," Or even, "I think I'll meet someone with gray eyes today." This will orient your brain to better tune into your surroundings in an eagerness to see if you thought right.

5. Hang up a white board to decorate with "Gratitude Graffiti" every night before bed.

It is a great way to see all your blessings all in one place and be reminded of all of the things you have to smile about!

6. Make an everyday effort to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Why not? Nature is gorgeous, and your body will thank you for this excellent source of Vitamin D.

7. Do your best to surround yourself with people who build you up.

I'm talking about the kinds of friends who you feel comfortable being your true self around, rather than those whose approval you always feel you need to work to maintain. The kinds of friends who know how to lift your spirits when you are feeling down and stick by you when you are at your worst. The kinds of friends who see and understand where you are in life, encouraging you to live to a higher standard instead of just shrugging off the bad habits and attitudes you both know you need to change. Not to say that the others are not worth your time, but rather that you should immerse yourself with people like these as much as you can and be the same for them!

8. Say daily affirmations to yourself.

Repeating positive phrases to oneself has shown to lead one to believe them! You can even use my silly original one, if you'd like:

"It's a beautiful day... but I'm prettier." ;)

9. Last, but certainly not least:

Definitely commit this one to memory.

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