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    Greetings, I am an English (Writing Concentration) major at Franciscan University of Steubenville. I was born and raised in Atlanta with a younger sister and an older cousin living half a mile away who is practically a sister. Other than writing, I do just about all of the artsy activities one can think of. Oh, except create visual artwork. Because my dexterity is lacking... It still boggles my loved ones' minds that I ever became decent at playing guitar. I have a zeal for words, the grocery store, hedgehogs, patterns, Disney, skipping down the sidewalk, thesaures, dandelions (see article "Be The Dandelion" if you're curious why), puns, Demetri Martin, theater references, kids, cranberry juice, and harmonizing, among many other things. I really look up to Eva Cassidy, Saint Francis De Sales, and Haley Kilpatrick. Also, I write and arrange music; I have an album coming your way called Chasing Tides, which is set for release to iTunes and Spotify on November 16, 2016. If Joni Mitchell's and/or Anna Kendrick's -artists I'm most often compared to- voices vibe with you, then you might just wanna check it out...


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