SEC = Dominance
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SEC = Dominance

The power conference only continues to get better.

SEC = Dominance

We all hear about the SEC being the football powerhouse conference, but this year seems different. With the recent SEC upsets, it's a new era.

Since week 4, the SEC has had 8 teams ranked in the AP Top 25 and seven of those teams are ranked in the top 15.  Each week there is a new big SEC matchup, and no one can predict who will come out on top.  A key example is LSU vs. an unranked Mississippi State.  While we knew that MSU was a good team, they hadn't had a strong opponent in their schedule until last weekend. After their 34-29 win in Death Valley, all of the comments about the SEC's power were confirmed.

As the new AP rankings came out yesterday, we found that all of the SEC's ranked teams were ranked 17 or higher, including four teams in the top 10.  This will obviously change since most of these teams have to still play each other, and this is going to give all SEC fans a lot of excitement in the next few weeks. It's great that we get to see the SEC showcase itself the year SEC Network launches.

While I can't predict the champions of the SEC, I can say that Auburn, Alabama, Texas A&M and Georgia will be four of the SEC competitors vying for a spot or two spots in the new College Football Playoff. Auburn has the hardest schedule in the SEC and the country, so it won't be an easy, but the road games we have upcoming are going to show us how good we truly are. With Mississippi State at #14 now, we have a huge road test coming up in two weeks. This game will determine how Auburn handles its tough road schedule and how the SEC West will shape up.

Enough about Auburn. It's just exciting to see that we deserve all the hype of being the best conference in college football. Who knows? Maybe next week the SEC will have 9 teams in the top 25.

What we do know is that the SEC will continue to dominate every other conference.  I don't want to look past Louisiana Tech, but my focus is on the next week in Starkville.  Let's just hope for another win, no matter what it takes.  War Eagle.

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