'Scream' Season 2 Episode 8 Review: 'Village Of The Damned'
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'Scream' Season 2 Episode 8 Review: 'Village Of The Damned'

Warning, this review contains spoilers! Enjoy, scream team.

'Scream' Season 2 Episode 8 Review: 'Village Of The Damned'

With the annual Lakewood Days Carnival marking the 100th anniversary of the town's establishment this year, the mood in the air is anything but festive. The body count continues to rise and the threat of a maniac on the loose seems to be an issue everyone would rather forget. For the Lakewood five this is real, their lives are on the line and the killer has no intention on slowing down. It’s only a matter of time before they spill the whole truth and strip the mask to bring it all together.

1. Emma’s dilemma continued:

The situation Emma is finding herself in is beginning to reach a breaking point. In the previous episode we saw the mysterious fire at Wren Estates almost turn her and Eli into smithereens. It’s understandable that she’s tired of hiding things from the people she’s suppose to trust, but can she trust them underneath it all? After approaching the sheriff about her role in the incident, she’s made aware that Eli has a restraining order against him while he was living in Atlanta. At first she’s shocked, but comes to the conclusion that maybe the sheriff is right, she needs to watch her back. Kieran isn’t much of an Eli fan either. Once Emma spills the details to him, he takes matters into his own hands by socking him in the face during the carnival. She has enough drama to deal with as it is, but her intentions have shifted from figuring out who is killing all of her friends to mending her strained relationship with Eli, and returning to her normal life. At this point that goal is next to impossible, and if she truly wants to live free another course of bloodier action needs to be taken.

2. Anxiety Audrey:

Ms. Jensen sure does have her plate full this season. She’s been forced by the killer to witness every curling detail of their heinous murders. That along with her connection to Piper isn’t exactly putting her in first place for Emma’s best friend. The killer has continually haunted her with eerie messages, videos, and the most recently blood mural writing on her ceiling and mirror. The secret that Audrey holds inside her is something that she knows will shake Emma to her core, but it must be done. At this point, Emma has no idea that Audrey has any involvement and only see’s her as another victim of these murders that started with Piper. It seems her world is about to turn upside down as seen in the very last scene of the episode. As Audrey walks into Emma’s bedroom to confess the truth and finds that Emma is listening to the podcast that Zoey sent to her anonymously. Will she be able to come out with the entire story behind her actions or will Emma decide to shut her out?

3. Broken Brooke continued:

Jake’s death is still unsolved, and one person can only grieve so much to the point where they shatter into a million little pieces. Brooke may be enduring the mother-load this season, but she’s the most stable of them all. While the rest of her friends are making excuses to deal with the pain leftover from Lakewood’s murder spree, Brooke is the only one strong enough to face the truth. Sober or not. After slugging down a flask of something strong, she delivered a painfully distraught speech to the carnival goers. Essentially they could keep living in this fantasy that Lakewood doesn’t have a horrifying past and they could go live their lives ignoring its problems, or they could recognize the tragedies that fell upon them and give support to those who it affected most. It’s moments like this where I appreciate Brooke’s character because she sticks up for the people who don’t have a voice. It may not be what everyone wants to hear, but it’s certainly what everyone is thinking deep down. Whoever is responsible for the deaths surrounding Lakewood this time around should watch out for her because she deserves to see this killers reveal face to face, and maybe kill them.

4. Accusation Acosta continued:

As the subplot thickens of intertwined connections to the newest Lakewood murders, Sheriff Acosta can only hope he can catch this sadistic bastard before he finds himself on the wrong end of the knife. His leads on the case aren’t very stable but with the notion that Ms. Lang’s office was ransacked gives him enough indication to question what she was up to and what someone might’ve been looking for. Among her possessions, he discovers one of the tape recordings has Gustavo’s name on it. Before he can listen to it he’s dispatched to the torched house at Wren Estates where he discovers the two bodies, later to find out one of them is identified at Branson. Once listening to the tape and hearing the two talking about “bodies,” the pieces come together that Gustavo could be the killer. This is backed by the drawing he also discovered of Branson tied to the bed. A case closed though? Not that easy. The one clue he’s missing is that Brooke told Gustavo what took place in the hotel room right after it happened, but will that be enough to prove his innocence? I’m desperate to find out what in the hell is going down between him and Maggie! It’s already been established that the two are involved in a secret pertaining to their pasts, but what exactly happened that could’ve resulted in the present being connected to them? Acosta kept bringing up the picture in the pig farm and stating that this could be their fault. What are your theories of their past with Lakewood?

5. Zoah:

Zoe and Noah, or" Zoah," as the “Scream” fandom calls them, are blossoming full circle. In the previous episode, we saw Audrey awkwardly interrupt what would’ve been the best night of Noah’s life cut short with the news that Ms. Lang had been attacked at the school. Even though both of their suspicions were raised, they had other obligations to worry about. Noah has good intentions for Zoe, but does she have good intentions for him? As he is gushing over her eccentric personality and making every move possible to win her heart, I can’t help to notice a push and pull vibe from Zoe. She clearly has developed strong feelings for him, but we know already that she’s sneaky, not only with her past, but also by sending the recording of Audrey to herself. Is she using Noah as a pawn to further break down Audrey’s reliability to Emma? Or is she simply being a good friend and attempting to get to the bottom of this mystery, just like everyone else? Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying the happy couple fit together seamlessly. We all know there’s a storm brewing in Lakewood, and that could lead to trouble in paradise.

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