Saying Goodbye To A Best Friend Is The Greatest Heartbreak

Saying Goodbye To A Best Friend Is The Greatest Heartbreak

#BFFL wasn't just a hashtag we decorated our yearbooks with, it was a promise.

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Dear you,

We grew up down the street from each other. We went through that awkward phase together. We even got our period together.

We were best friends forever. Or so we thought.

But as age and distance grew, so did our friendship, and that's okay.

Losing you I thought would be the worst part. But it wasn't. It was nowhere near the aftermath, the fact that we would never speak again settling in.

We won't do our movie marathons or famous Halloween costumes.

We won't stay up all night thinking about the life we wanted once away from our parents.

We were young and thought the world was our for the taking.

And that's okay.

You were the friend every girl dreamed of, the one there at 2 am when you have boy troubles and the one who knew what was wrong just by a look.

Even though you were a great friend, we had our downfalls which eventually ended our friendship.

He wasn't worth our falling out, he wasn't worth us never speaking again, he wasn't worth the pain.

Losing someone so close I would never wish on anyone because that void is never filled.

I hope that eventually your broken heart mends.

I hope that you'll put down the bottle and get better.

I hope you will let me back into your life.

I hope you know that I will only be a phone call away, please never forget that.



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