San Pedro Peacocks

This Coastal Town Has A Big Blue (cocky) Secret

San Pedro has a big blue secret!


San Pedro, California is known for its delicious fish market, sunken city, beautiful sunsets, and their cocky and loud residents… the peacocks. These peacocks have been habituating San Pedro for over 100 years. For some residents, peacocks add to the local charm, for others, it's the cause of everyday headaches!

You always have an alarm clock set, hello free wakeup call

Do you like waking up at the crack of dawn? Did you just put your baby down for a nap? GREAT! Guess it's time to hear the classic "mee-haw" screech that can be heard up to 2 miles away.

The new kind of nosey neighbor

This peacock is looking down from a skylight into a home


Do you ever feel lonely? Don't fret, peacocks are always with you! This peacock is checking in from a skylight, he just wants to see what's up (besides him being on your roof)!

Peacocks LOVE cars


Can't get in the Carpool lane for your commute to DTLA? Bring a peacock with you, they LOVE cars. Here you can see 3 peacocks checking on your car, while they may peck at their reflection in your paint, you will at least know your car was clean!

 Free Decorations

This peacock is resting on a lawn in San Pedro


Homes in San Pedro come stocked with your very lawn ornaments. BE careful tough they might be taking a dust bath.

Need to fill an extra seat at a dinner party?

Peacock walking into a home in San Pedro


Peacocks love to invite themselves in. this peacock was running a bit late but let itself in through the back door. San Pedro residents have reported peafowl walking into their homes. Whether it is your kitchen or garage, nowhere is safe!

 Who needs a watch dog?


Who needs a watchdog when you have a watch peacock? They love roofs and being perched on the highest point in your home. They will surely screech for an intruder

Garden overflowing with lush produce?


Are you trying to grow a vegetable or herb garden for your family? Guess again, peacocks love trying all the local tomatoes. Peacocks also eat small bugs, so no need to add any pesticides, hello organic (only if you have any vegetables left).

No need to drive to the LA ZOO


You can catch the peacocks displaying (the act of fanning out their tails for mating) almost all year round. Catch them on the front porch or in the middle of the street, anywhere is a good view. Just watch where you step, peafowl love leaving their droppings (like its hot) all over the sidewalk. You don't want to hate to throw out your shoes.

Moms and babies, how cute! 

Peahen wandering around with peachicks


During the spring and early summer, you will see peahens walking around with their peachicks, truly a site to see. Hopefully your house was not chosen to lay eggs., peahens lay on their eggs for 28 days. Some residents report crows coming down to eat the eggs if the peahens abandon them creating a huge disgusting mess…

They deserve as much hype as the Palos Verdes peacocks. 


Neighboring town, Palos Verdes Is known for their peacock problems. Somehow San Pedro has managed to be off the radar In Los Angeles for our birds. Let's give our local blue residents the love they deserve, since they won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

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