I Ain't Sorry
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I Ain't Sorry

"I left a note in the hallway , By the time you read it I'll be far away."

I Ain't Sorry

Sorry, I ain't sorry.
Sorry, I ain't sorry.
I ain't sorry.

Why would you be sorry ? There's no need to be. Put yourself first. I mean isn't that what we are suppose to do. Put ourselves first? We like to stay with a guy and tolerate "Deal Breakers" or stay in toxic relationships with friends. Why? Maybe because we are forgetting our own worth and we want to make that other person happy before making ourselves happy. Babydoll, don't you dare. That is the WORST mistake you could possibly make.

There was a guy that I was really into and I mean really into. Everything was going great, I mean no complaints but one day things just switched. He wasn't pursing me , he wasn't doing anything to be honest. I tried to give him chance after chance. I made excuses for him. I said,"oh maybe he's busy."Or "Maybe he's going through a rough time. Well i've learned that when someone wants to do something then they will do it. So after all the crying and what not, I decided to make a move...... that move was to move on. Of course it pained me to leave but I had to do it for myself. I mean no one else is going to do it for you. Now I can honestly say that i'm truly happy. I was always happy but I placed my happiness n him. No one can make you happy but yourself and God.

For another example, my cousin has been going with this guy for a couple of years now. She was madly in love with him and he was madly in love with her. Well as time went by , he wasn't the same. He wasn't doing anything for himself or her. So she decided to make a move. That move was to move on. Now she's in the process of loving herself and finding her worth. She's happier than ever. She's able to embrace "New Things."

We never want to be the one that "left" or "gave up". We want "relationship goals" We want to be able to say ,"Hey I stuck it out and look we are better than ever." Think about it though, are you willing to give up potential happiness ( For yourself) or are willing to stay in something that isn't making you happy which is actually "reality." I don't know about you , but I want to put myself first. If i'm no good to myself then how can I be any good for someone else?

My spiritual mother once told me," You can't have two doors open at the same time." In order for new things to come into your life you gotta let the old things go.

It's okay to walk away. It's okay to say "I'm done." You never know, YOU maybe the catalyst. A catalyst ? What's that ? Catalyst = a person or thing that precipitates an event. You could be in the way of them being great. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. Sometimes we cut off other's progress by interfering. We could be cutting off their comings, their growth. Only because we want to be with them. Sorry honey , sometimes you gotta love from a distance but always love yourself up close. So do what you need to do for you and don't be sorry.

If you keep accepting the same behavior over and over again then they won't feel the need to change. Stop things before they get worse. Do yourself a favor and guard your heart. Proverbs 4:23, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

You want to walk away with something. Honor. Dignity. Respect. Not walk away with a broken heart because they took the step first. Never let the ball be in their court. Always keep the ball in your court.

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