Dave's eyes met hers and winced. He glanced down at his lap and nodded. He was about to say something, but was interrupted by a frantic commotion amongst the lovable Disney friends and theme park goers.

"Look who it is!" she heard someone yell.

Sadie peered out of the carriage window, and look who it was! It was Walt Disney himself, laughing as he slowly floated down from the sky, holding a red-and-white striped umbrella.

"I heard there were going to be some very special guests this evening!" he called.

The crowd cheered at Daddy Disney's arrival and immediately formed a circle around the lovers and Mr. Sparkles. Pooh took off his red, honey stained shirt and waved it in the air. Snow White flashed her apples, though neither of them were poisonous. Eeyore was still unamused.

Walt landed on the roof of the carriage and did a theatrical front-flip onto the ground. The crowd all clapped in unison.

"Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all night!" Walt winked.

The crowd laughed. Walt took a mighty bow at their admiration. Minnie Mouse skipped over to his side and gave him a big, smoochy kiss on the cheek.

"Aw, Minnie!" Walt chuckled.

The perky mouse motioned for the lovers to come out of the carriage with a friendly wave of her white little glove. Sadie stumbled drunkenly out of it with Dave close behind as her trusty security guard.

"I'm fucking trashed," she whispered to Dave, or so she thought.

Dave laughed and took off his fancy top hat. He gently placed it on her head.

"Well, now you can be trashed in style," he said.

"Sounds like someone's already having quite the fun." Walt winked.

Walt took Sadie's petite hand into his and kissed it. The ends of his moustache danced on her wrist. She felt a smile creep on her face.

"Hey, is it really true that you were a Nazi, Mr. Disney?" she asked sweetly.

Sadie loved conspiracy theories and embarrassing men. She was happy to be able to combine the two. Walt lifted his lips from her hand in surprise. He glanced over at Dave, who let out a childish giggle, and then shrugged innocently. Walt shifted his gaze back to Sadie. His eyes glazed over, and for a flash of a second, Sadie swore she saw something evil lurk within the famous legend who has made millions of children's dreams come true.

"Nonsense, my dear! Say, gang!" he turned back over to the crowd, unfazed, "How about we enjoy the rides?!"

The crowd cheered once more as they gleefully dispersed throughout the park, flying and galloping to the lands in which they lived. Sadie and Dave trickled closely behind the crowd, snickering and spilling wine on the cobblestone road.

"You fucking saw that, right? In his eyes?" Sadie whispered.

Dave paused, opened his mouth, then shut it. She knew he knew something. Something he wasn't telling her. She wanted to pry it out of him with a joke by asking if Walt Disney was actually like, a Nazi Demon who fed off the souls of children or something, but the thought fled her mind as soon as it came as they stood in awe at the ethereal and dreamy entrance of Fantasyland. Soft arrays of pink, green, and purple washed through the air, creating a hazy mist of color. The white rabbit was frantically running with his stopwatch- "I'm late, I'm late!"— in between the cottages and rides, which had come alive, spinning and emitting silly noise now that others were there to see them play. Cartoon musical notes and saxophones danced amongst the playing cards from Wonderland. Cinderella's Castle sparkled pink in the distance. Alice and the Mad Hatter eagerly stood side-by-side at the entrance, handing out complimentary "sugar" cubes served on a silver platter to each guest, who all happily gobbled up them up. Nom nom nom! They sang in unison. The Cheshire Cat pleasantly watched the chaos from a hanging tree branch, his mysterious yellow eyes twinkling with delight.

Sadie and Dave both took a sugar cube and fed each other, bride-and-groom style. She licked his fingers. He kissed hers. They laughed. And made-out. Through his sloppy lips, she felt an all-body euphoria flow through her veins as she fell down the magic, Disney-induced LSD rabbit hole at full speed.

"I see that I'm not the only lover for exquisite top hats!" Hatter winked and playfully tapped Dave's hat, which was still on Sadie's head.

"Well, a mad tea party is waiting oh-so patiently for me! Please, come join!"

And with that, Hatter threw his hands in the air, skipping and dancing playfully over to the magical spinning teacups, his hat bouncing a couple feet off his head with every step. The crowd followed in a robotic-like herd. Sadie and Dave made a fast veer towards the purple teacup, as there was no other option; it really does spin the fastest, you know.