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Running Rules

Why Common Courtesy is Necessary

Running Rules,

Ah, how I love the first day of class: meeting new and old friends, getting some of the summer blues out, having a schedule again. What I love the most, though, is running my old routes, the winding roads and pathways that have, slowly, become unfamiliar again to my pounding feet. It's kind of cool, actually, almost as though I'm rediscovering them but along with rediscovering the beauty of my old routes, I also rediscovered the annoyances of them. Back home, there was more space to run, since of course everyone wasn't living in the same small area. However, back at school plenty of people get up before class to take a refreshing (or not so refreshing) run/walk, which is great until a few start to forget what I like to term 'the rules of the trail.' I.e. general courtesy shown to fellow walkers, runners, and joggers. Below, I've listed some running pet-peeves I’ve developed over the past few days but which I think are applicable to anyone who steps outside.


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Seriously, there’s a reason why this is first on my list. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that ticks me off more than people who run/walk in twos or more, take up an entire pathway or the whole sidewalk, and yet refuse to move over when they see another person coming. Thus, Outsider Number One has to either a.) run through the mud by the side of the path b.) run into the road, which is super dangerous c.) run on someone’s lawn and make them mad or d.) run into a body of water, which is pretty much impossible if one does not want to get wet and/or drown. I understand that you may be talking to your friends and that’s totally cool but hey, you can stop for two seconds to shift behind them and let someone else pass.


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Okay, so, this is more of an aesthetic thing but even if you don’t care about the environment, I very much care about where and what my foot is landing on. If it’s on your unfinished burger or gooey chocolate wrapper, I will get very mad. Running shoes are NOT ice cream cones or paper wrappers, they are way too expensive for that, and my skin does not appreciate the sticky grossness.


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‘Kay, I know I already said this and it sounds super rude, but I meant it to be funny. If you hear me or see me running behind you, and you know in order to avoid a collision, one of us has to move, please, just smile and move over. I mean when we’re on a narrow path. If it’s one made for two or more, heck, I can go around you, there’s plenty of room! But if there’s very little room and you’re just doing your cute little walkin’ thing, please can you scooch over just a smidge?


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You know how when you read a really good book or watch an awesome movie and there’s just that one person who feels the need to comment on everything, maybe the birds outside or the color of the bad guy’s car? Well, if someone’s just running along, running along, and a complete and total stranger just decides to yell “RUN FORREST, RUN!” out their car window, it’s not only rude but kind of scary. I’ve never encountered this, but have heard stories of people compelled to shout strange encouragements at strangers. I know you’re just trying to be nice, but don’t. Just… don’t.


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You are a Prius. I am a human. Who do you think will end up with more damage if you hit me? I know the road is a pretty intoxicating whirlwind of excitement and adventure, mingled with a teeny bit of rage and traffic terror, but look, if you see a friendly traveler NOT in a metal contraption of wonder, MOVE OVER. I think I’m sensing a theme here, don’t you?

Whether you’re into running, walking, jogging or clogging (hey, I don’t judge), I think everyone forgets once in awhile common courtesy when taking a hike through the woods/urban jungle. Which is completely normal, it’s just what humans do: we agree to be nice, follow the rules for a little bit, then one day we forget and annoy the heck out of each other. Still, it’s nice to get a little, aggressively funny reminder that the road is a communal river meant for every canoe to travel on. So please, respect other canoers and keep to your boat.
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