I may never be able to understand this particular brand of a person, but hey, running may not be all that bad. These are just a few of things that every runner seems to understand.

1. You used to hate running

Nobody is born with a burning desire to run - that's just basic physics.

2. You still don’t love running

Or at least you never admit you do. You just don't hate it as much as most people. As for when that change of opinion happened, it's pretty debatable.

3. Your watch is your best friend

Garmin? Suunto? Maybe you're a little more hip and chose the Nike+ Apple Watch. Whatever your preference, you can't run without your timepiece.

4. The vacuum-sealed water bottle was designed for you

A bottle that can keep water cold in 95° weather? I don't what that is if it's not magic.

5. You’ve got an app that might as well be your personal trainer

Switching from Strava to Nike+ Run Club? Not unless all my miles can come with me.

6. If you didn’t track it, it didn’t happen

There really is nothing worse than being so hyped for a run you forget to press start.

7. You’re a stats junkie

Heart rate zones, cadence, splits; the numbers don't lie.

8. You have a post-run routine that has to be done

On the best days, it takes as much time to cool down as it did to actually run.

9. You’ve set an alarm to go for a run

An early wake up is brutal, but the cooler temperatures are unbeatable.

10. Off days are more of a guideline than a rule

Cross-training is a great way to prevent boredom on non-running days, and offers a chance to work on those T. Rex arms.

11. You can’t imagine a life without running

Biking is fun and all, but there's really nothing quite like running.