On your mark, get set, go. On Saturday, June 10th, 109 people participated in the 9th annual Qasim and Ahad Memorial 5k. Each year, students, friends, family, and faculty from all three Robbinsville Schools, run and walk during the event in honor of Qasim and Ahad Muzzafar.

"This is what Q would have wanted", said RHS alumnus Nick Brennan. "I hope we can do it longer."

The brothers died in March 2010 from Carbon Monoxide poisoning while on vacation in Pakistan. The 5k began three months after the tragedy.

"It's like homecoming", said the boy's father Basit Muzzafar. "It's a big hug all around."

While 83 people ran, 25 people walked as part of the one-mile walk. All proceeds from it went towards the Qasim and Ahad Scholarship.

"It's part of the heart of Robbinsville", explained Robbinsville High School Vice Principal Nicole Rossi. "Each year, the event gets more and more special."

Although various eventgoers have run in the race in previous years, for others it was their first time.

"I'm most excited to go out there on a beautiful morning for a great cause", said runner Dave Ridolfino.

People from outside of Robbinsville also ran in the 5k including those who aren't as familiar with the community.

"The community in Robbinsville coming for something so important, just shows the values we have here", explained Sharon Elementary School Teacher Liane Balevski.

By 9 am, the horn went off and the runners cleared the starting line. After all the runners crossed the finish line, it was time for the award ceremony. During the award ceremony, eventgoers had the opportunity to cool off, munch on some food, and listen to music. DJing the race for the second year in a row was RHS Senior Michael Gaspari.

Several runners took home awards and medals. Among them were Richie Kasper, Cameron Tomayo, Hannah Mahmoud, Lauren Miller, Kylie Jones, Ryan Gross, Jacklyn Lazzaro, Julie Challender, Morgan Michon, and various others.