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Top 5 Romantic Destinations For Lovebirds To Explore This Summer

Each one more romantic than the last.

tourists waterfall
Arushi Sachan

Whether it is with the love of your life, or just a summer fling, here are the top five destinations around the world that you can visit without breaking your bank:

5. Eat beignets by the Crescent Bridge, New Orleans (USA)

Jackson Square sunset view

Arushi Sachan

While throngs of people line up to get their world famous coffee-beignet-duo experience at the Café Du Monde in New Orleans, you could avoid the crowded café itself, and carry your beignets down the road to Jackson Square, where you could walk along the Mississippi river with the dazzling view of Crescent Bridge as the musicians flaunt their melodies on your way and the trains pass you by, reminding you to seize every moment, as is. Watch the Jax Brewery building light up as the sun fades behind the St. Louis Cathedral and the birds chirp away from over your heads.

4. Sunset dinner at Phewa Lake, Pokhara (Nepal)

Sunset at Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

Arushi Sachan

For the appreciative but not adventurous, the Phewa Lake casts views of the spectacular twilight as the sun sinks behind the blanket of mountains reflecting the colors of love on the lake. For those a little more daring, there is paragliding and kayaking, if not the paddle boating to enjoy the serenity of the lake splattering on the rocky shore with birds chirping in flocks as the sky is painted pink, red and orange. A walk by the lake on the parallel pathway, followed by a candlelight wine and dine out in the open surrounding restaurants creates for the ideal evening.

3. The perfect picture at Taj Mahal, New Delhi (India)

Taj Mahal, India

Arushi Sachan

Intense, inspiring and intricate, the Taj Mahal isn't the classic 7th wonder of the world in vein. In attempts to fulfill the wish his wife made during her final breath, King Shah Jahaan hired 20,000 workers who devoted 10 years to build her tomb with white marble. Walking around this humungous structure can only leave one in awe of the possibilities that are birthed out of love. It isn't uncommon for couples from all around the world to get a picture perfect shot with Taj Mahal in the background — a memory to regenerate the love, each time revisited.

2. Cruising in Lake Como (Italy)

Lake Como, Italy

Arushi Sachan

Just an hour north of Milan is a beautiful lake that borders Italy and Switzerland with small islands and mid-sized Alps. To get around you could rent a car, take a bus or buy a cruise pass. You won't regret the latter, as the cruise island-hops following a set schedule, allowing you to ravish the lake, land and mountains, all at the same time. Whether you sit indoors or outside where the winds whistle, you can enjoy the perfect setting for champagne, music and good talks with your partner. Plan your Itinerary according to the place you might want to shop or have lunch and spend an entire day soaking in the picturesque nature.

1. Camping at Havasu Falls, Arizona (USA)

Havasu Falls, AZ, USA

Arushi Sachan

This one tops my list, as it is worth a lot more than it costs. This hidden jewel along the South Rim of Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, has clear as crystal waters that appear 10 miles into the hike, remote and away from the rest of the civilization of Arizona. This isn't a typical day hike since it is a minimum of 10 miles in and another 10 miles out from the rim hilltop. This makes it the perfect camping destination, along turquoise streams of tranquil Havasu waterfalls, and in the company of limited yet like-minded backpackers and adventurists. What's better is the milky way that illuminates the night sky viewing from below the canyon valley away from light pollution.

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