Rihanna, We Need An Album
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Rihanna, We Need An Album

It's been three years too long.

Rihanna, We Need An Album

For the past three years, Rihanna has paved the way for the fashion and beauty industry.

In 2017, the Barbadian singer launched Fenty Beauty, a cosmetics brand, known for its appeal to diversity among ethnicity and gender lines. Based on her success with the cosmetic line, Rihanna recently released a lingerie line, "Savage x Fenty" which included plus-sized model diversity. Recently, she released a fashion brand with LVHM, featuring accessories such as footwear and sunglasses.

This made her a major fashion label of the decade, but fans have been pestering Rihanna for her forthcoming ninth studio album.

On behalf of her fans, it's easy to say that we all want an album— we all need an album.

Three years ago, Rihanna released her eighth studio album "ANTI," and it was met with acclaim from fans and critics alike. It was her first album in four years after her seventh studio album "Unapologetic" in 2012. Rihanna has been known for releasing albums back-to-back every year from her debut album to 2012. However, after she departed from her contract with Def Jam, her releases became sparse.

She focused more on her acting and fashion empire, which caused a lot of her fans to assume that she's retiring from music.

At the near end of 2018, Rihanna vaguely revealed that her ninth album would be released in 2019. No particular date. No information. Bleh.

However, this month, Rihanna revealed that she was, indeed, working on her ninth album and it would be reggae-inspired, which is pretty cool considering that she started out as a pop-reggae artist. However, Rihanna has always been pretty hush-hush about her music, and it can definitely be frustrating.

When she released her album "ANTI," it went through a rollercoaster ride with promotion. At the beginning of 2015, she released "FourFiveSeconds" and "Bitch Better Have My Money," which were initially to be on the album. The album was going to be executive produced by Kanye West, but the entire plan changed, causing an 11-month delay.

I'll admit, I'm not as impatient as I once was four years ago. However, you can get the frustration fans may feel. There have been rumors that Rihanna is retiring from music to fully focus on her fashion empire.

Fans are pestering Rihanna on her Instagram account about the album.

If I see another "Where's the album, sis?" again in the comments, I'd be hush-hush as well.

Overall, Rihanna, we definitely need an album, especially at a time of the year where music is starting to deteriorate. However, Rihanna is making a name for herself as a black fashion mogul and it's amazing.

So, whatever happens, Rihanna is still winning.

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