31 Signs That Prove You're A Vietnamese American
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31 Signs That Prove You're A Vietnamese-American

Just Viets being Viets, adapting to the American life in their own unique way.

31 Signs That Prove You're A Vietnamese-American
Jenny Lam

Congratulations! You've been blessed with a family who escaped from the Vietnam war in search for a better life.

1. ​There was always thit kho waiting for you on the stove when you got home from school.


And a pot of freshly cooked rice. Thanks mom.

2. Your parents have a whole karaoke set-up in the living room with gigantic speakers.


Our neighbors don't really like us during the holidays. Sucks to be them, because we aren't stopping any time soon.

3. You played (or still play) GaiaOnline, Maple Story and League of Legends.


Your siblings and/or cousins also plays with you.

4. Your parents forced you to play the violin, piano or some type of fancy instrument.


However, they probably never showed up to any of your recitals or concerts.

5. You were really into the early Asian Youtubers like MyChonny, NigaHiga and KevJumba.


I was also really into Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty's makeup tutorials.

6. One of your family members own a hair or nail salon, maybe even both.

Jenny Lam

I have very fond memories of growing up in my parent's nail salon. It was basically my second home.

7. You have vivid memories of early Viet music like "Ong Xa Em Number One," "Vang Trang Khoc" and "Anh Number One Dep Trai"

This song has been stuck in my head ever since I heard my cousin sing it about 13 years ago.

8. At the buffet, you must eat the expensive food like crawfish, crab and lobster.

Jenny Lam

$25 for a person? You bet my mom made us get our money's worth. Peep the whole tub of crawfish my aunt managed to snatched from the buffet.

9. Someone in your family goes to the casino way too often.


They often claim they're going to see a "concert," but we all know what's really going on.

10. Your parents probably have a collection of Paris By Night and Asia DVDs.

Jenny Lam

And they forced you to watch it, whether you wanted to or not.

11. Your mom and aunts are obsessed with Nike, especially when they're on sale.


Nike shoes, Nike shirts, Nike backpack, basically Nike everything so they can take it all to Vietnam to give your other relatives.

12. You've vacationed in California, specifically Disneyland or Universal Studios.


It's like the number one thing on our check list when coming to America. Like do you even live here if you haven't been to California? To visit the happiest place on earth cost only $117 per person.

13. You were or wanted to a B-boy/B-girl.


The Poreotics? I.aM.mE? Chachi Gonzales? My childhood.

14. Your family only drinks Heineken and/or Corona.

Jenny Lam

And if it was a cocktail it would be margaritas.

15. The typical Vietnamese birthday cake.

Jenny Lam

It's probably durian filling too.

16. At some point, you were forced to go to Viet school.

And you probably were forced to participate in the lion and Tet dances.

17. When desperate time calls, MAMA instant noodles could be eaten dry or cooked.

Jenny Lam

When your mom and dad are at work and you have to feed your cousins and/or siblings...

18. Banh mi is always the road trip food.


And your mom knew exactly where to buy the good banh mi.

19. If you live in Washington, Joy Palace and China Harbor are the ideal wedding venues.

Jenny Lam

We always have to leave with something, often times we take the flowers because it's free... duh!

20. You get sniffed instead of kissed by your parents and grandparents.


My dad pats the top of my head too.

21. Tet is extremely important and there's always a big party with lots of food and karaoke.

Jenny Lam

If you're not married or still in school, it's a nice little pay-day.

22. You have been to Vietnam at least once and your mom or grandma made you take professional pictures.

Jenny Lam

They got it all framed and its probably up in the living room at your house or your grandparent's house.

23. You been known avocados are bomb because of the avocado smoothies your parents made with crushed ice and condensed milk.


I would always drown mine in condensed milk.

24. The dishwasher is forbidden to use, it acts purely as a drying rack or storage.


Apparently it takes up too much electricity and water to use.

25. We definitely do not wear shoes in the house.


Have fun tripping over the massive pile of shoes.

26. Your mom, aunt and/or grandma grows mint leaves in the front yard or backyard.

Jenny Lam

Mint leaves, tomatoes, garlic, onions just about anything and everything they can get their hands on!

27. You probably have a Honda or a Toyota.


We trust the Japanese.

28. Your dad or uncle made you watch Rush Hour.


Yes, my dad made me watch Rush hour 1, 2 and 3 - I'm honestly not even mad.

29. Your family has Sony or Samsung TVs because those are the superior brands.


We also all have iPhones. Ask any Vietnamese-American you know.

30. Your parents told you that they found in a dumpster.


And your aunts and uncles went along with it.

31. Trish Thuy Trang was the Vietnamese Beyonce

Trish Thuy Trang and Cardin Nguyen were the power couple way before Jay-Z and Beyonce or Kayne and Kim.

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