Best Moments from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire
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19 Moments From 'Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire' That I Wish I Could Read Again For The First Time

"Hermy-own" "Herm-own-ninny" "Her-my-oh-nee"


After my 4th reread of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, there is little that surprises me anymore, and I realized that once upon a time, my 13-year-old self was reading this for the first time and getting mind blown at all that J.K. threw at me. If only I could relive that experience again...

Just think of how epic these scenes were when you read them for the first time.

* spoilers for the Harry Potter books are included from this point on *

1. The Weasley tents

At the Quidditch World Cup, the Weasleys bring 2 tents for 9 people and are perfectly jolly about it. None of it makes sense until you realize that each one is its own house. How nonchalant.

TL;DR: magic is effing cool

2. Fred and George accurately gambling on the outcome of the Quidditch World Cup

Can we just take a second to appreciate that they guessed that obscure outcome accurately? Like what? Too bad they didn't actually get the money.

3. Mad Eye turns Draco into a ferret!

Okay, so this scene is infamous in the HP world because any time Draco gets what he deserves is noteworthy. But like, a teacher turning a student into a ferret? Major points to Mad-Eye.

4. Krum still goes to school

So this guy plays on a national Quidditch team yet is still in school? Is that allowed everywhere or not. It seems a little illegal to me.

5. Fred and George obviously fail at putting their names in for the Triwizard Tournament

Okay so we all know that Hermione is always right and that there was no way that Fred and George would successfully put their names into the Goblet, but Dumbledore outdid himself in the repercussion. To be fair, if anyone could pull off the beard, it'd be those two.

6. Harry's name comes out of the freakin Goblet

We obviously know that it was Moody who did it, but reading it for the first time we wouldn't. How do we know that he didn't do it?

7. Hermione at the Yule Ball

OMG GET IT GIRL! Hermione is living her best life at the Yule Ball after being secretive with who she goes with. No one would expect Krum to be her date, but it is too cute. Her hair, stunning. Dress, gorgeous. New, smaller teeth, perfect.

8. We get proof of how exactly to pronounce Hermione's name

Thank you Viktor Krum. Especially before the movies, having written proof of how exactly to say Hermione's name is valuable. And the way it comes about is hilarious. Poor Krum.

9. Ron being heckin jealous at the Yule Ball

So this book is full of Ron getting his knickers in a twist over Hermione and Krum. It's kind of fun to watch the beginnings of both his and Harry's girl issues, but honestly, during the Yule ball he's a git and super rude to Padma. Realize that you like Hermione already and don't drag other girl's feelings, Ronald.

10. The prefects' bathroom

That bathroom, though. The tub is a swimming pool with spigots for different types of bubble bath. Omg, so extra, but I kind of love it.

11. Dobby saves the day

GILLYWEED, Harry Potter. Also, can we talk about the fact that Harry almost slept through the task? Good thing Dobby found him.

12. Krum is bad?!

In the third and final task, Krum tries to attack Cedric. We now know that Mad-Eye aka Crouch Jr. put him under the Imperius Curse, but in the moment it seemed all too real.

13. Things get real dark, real quick

So, while there has always been the underlying threat of Voldemort, it's always been in the background and not a real threat. But as soon as the Portkey brings them to the graveyard, there is a monumental shift in the tone of the books. It was all fun and games... not anymore.

14. Mad-Eye Moody is the bad guy

As soon as Moody drags Harry away referring to Voldemort as "The Dark Lord," I knew. Honestly, during this reread, I realized that this reveal was not that obvious, especially since the information about Crouch isn't revealed until so late in the book. So taking us by surprise, the reveal and information that follows is super intense.

15. Snape used to be a Death Eater... but isn't anymore?

So Rowling definitely paints Snape in a bad light throughout the beginning books, especially. But now we know that he was a Death Eater, and we're just supposed to be chill about it because Dumbledore says it's okay? No thank you, that is not enough for me.

16. Learning about Neville's parents

Learning that Neville's parents were tortured to insanity is heart-wrenching in every way. Poor Neville. It hurts every time I read it, but I can't imagine the feelings I felt when finding out for the first time.

17. Fudge is in denial

Okay, Fudge is an idiot. However, reading it the first time through, we have no idea how much he hurts the wizarding world by holding on to his denial for so long.

18. Rita Skeeter is an Animagi

That's how she knows everything! Reading it for the first time, it must've been infuriating to always wonder how she knew what she knew. And then Hermione saves the day and figures out what Rita really is, and then holds her hostage, haha. Go Hermione!

19. The series just got way more universal

Like I mentioned earlier, the first three books were greatly about Harry's struggle against Voldemort. However, by the end of the book, it is obvious that this is about more than them two now. Voldemort is coming back, and he's not afraid to kill anything that comes in his way of Harry or immortality.

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