Returning To School As Told By Spongebob Squarepants

Returning To School As Told By Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a constant state of denial?


It's that time of year again. Summer is finally winding down and the most dreadful chore of all is upon us: packing. So. Much. Packing. However, packing is not the only thing that comes to mind as you prepare to move back to your campus of choice--be it far away or right in your hometown. There's, of course, the reminiscing as you think back upon the past year's shenanigans with friends, the nerves that accompany another full year of credits, and as always, the excitement of preparing to move back in. Here's to another year of sleepless nights, procrastination, and communication via Spongebob quotes, otherwise known as the universal language of the college student.

When your summer job really starts to wear on you.

You know it when it hits you, that pivotal point of the summer when you've finally had enough. Your body aches no matter what you do and homework almost starts to sound like a welcome reprieve from whatever it is you've wound up doing for the past few months. Like Spongebob here, you might as well be back at school already with the amount of napping and face-planting that happens on the daily.

Having nothing to show for all that hard work after paying for your books.

Summer sometimes feels like an endless cycle of financial desperation: work hard for the money, save it all up, then spend it all on supplies for school. Not to mention all the unnecessary impulse buys that occur when you're not used to actually having extra money in your bank account. No wonder the typical college student's favorite word is "free."

Remembering that you're one year closer to entering the "real world."

Ah, yes. Who doesn't love a good dose of anxiety about the future? Whether grad school or searching for a "grown up" job is next on your list, there's no denying that the never-ending list of things to do can be a bit daunting. Writhing on the floor is recommended but not required.

Savoring those last few home-cooked meals.

Let's face it, even if you have a kitchen at your disposal, there's nothing quite like the food your family makes. Be it grandma's not-so-secret recipes or the local fare, you best have your fill before the dining hall becomes your new hang out.

Leaving your coworkers behind after your last day of work.

Why start packing in advance when you can finish packing the night before? Bonus points if you haven't even finished unpacking everything you brought home from the last school year.

Reconnecting with the squad after months apart.

Staying in touch over the summer isn't always easy, so even if you do talk to your college friends often, there will still be so much to talk about. Not only will there be existential crises galore and gossip about your fellow classmates, but you get to listen to your friends vent about crazy people from back home too. That should at least be enough to tide you over until the real shenanigans start.

Discovering you share a class with one of your friends.

Bless the poor professor who will inevitably be glaring in your direction while you catch up during syllabus day. It's hard to come down from the buzz of energy that comes with the first couple days of being back on campus, but soon enough you'll be groaning over upcoming papers and cramming for quizzes that you forgot were on the syllabus in the first place.

Trying to stay awake in that dreadful eight a.m. class.

Maybe you signed up for classes late, or maybe you're just plain unlucky. Either way, getting accustomed to rolling out of bed for a lecture--especially if you're not a morning person--is never a pleasant experience.

Catching the plague but still having to go to class.

Even those with immune systems made of steel aren't safe from the inevitable sickness that occurs when everyone populates the campus once more. As if you didn't already feel terrible, you have to deal with the guilt of missing a lecture or being chastised by those friends who calculate how much each class costs per semester should you even consider taking a sick day. Sometimes it's just better to go to class, the stench of cough drops and all.

Trying and failing to get your sh*t together. Again.

You bought a new planner and searched far and wide on Pinterest, but no matter what you do, you're still going to end up sending that paper in just a few minutes before the deadline. It was a valiant effort, though, and at the very least you probably have some pretty new stationary that will likely never get used. Better luck next year!

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