To all my shoppers out there, do you agree? Retail therapy IS the best therapy out there. Whether you want to admit it or not, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

More than half of men and women in America admit to "retail therapy." It is described as the act of shopping and spending to improve one's mood.

About 52% of the entire population participates in this act.

Some say they shop to cheer themselves up, but others shop to celebrate. Either way, it is therapeutic.

According to Rachel Zoe, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."

With this being said, why not try it?

Everything in life has a possibility of over-consumption, but if you are shopping in moderation, there are therapeutic benefits to it.

Shopping can be an amazing aide to visualizing a new life. When you are picking different products and viewing them on your body, you are considering a new start. A woman who is going through a divorce may shed the old marriage and start fresh by purchasing new clothing.

Or maybe you are shopping for your freshman year dorm as you travel to college 5 hours away. You are preparing and imagining this new change through your wardrobe.

Transitions to adult life can be difficult at times. Getting ready for a new real-life job can be intimidating. Don't you want to have the perfect outfit?

Sometimes, whether you are nervous or not, you can boost your confidence and self-esteem by feeling great by the way you are carrying yourself in your new outfit.

It is also a known statistic that dressing appropriately for the occasion, assists with your performance level. Especially in the work field.

As sad as it is, there is proof that people can and do judge a book by its cover. In this case, for a professional setting, you may want to get your outfit together!

Along with the seriousness, shopping can be pleasurable. It can be fun. It allows people to creatively inspire themselves and others to combine textures and colors to create the image they are looking for.

When people think of retail therapy, they think of escape, entertainment, and renewal.

Online shopping is becoming more common with the advancement and use of technology. Searching online and browsing different websites and sections allows your mind to take a mental break.

Although shopping in general includes decision making, online shopping creates a higher percentage of brain activity for decisions. When you physically cannot feel the pieces of clothing, you will have to visualize the product and decide by the information given to you.

Along with all of these positive perks of retail therapy, a huge factor included is social connecting as well. When you walk into a store, you are more likely to buy a product if the worker is friendly and inviting. If you are turned off from the interaction the moment you walk in the door, your attention has been lost early on.

Relationships start to form with workers and frequent customers in some cases. You may appear in the same mall for years and create bonds in specific stores. In this case, you never know what connections you can make from these as well for other aspects of your life.

With all these perks to retail therapy, next time you think twice about swiping your card, do it.