Retail Therapy Is My Addiction Because Looking Good Helps Me Feel Good

When payday comes bi-weekly on a Friday, you can guess who is already planning shopping trips both online and in person...this old gal right here! I've got everything saved in my favorites sections of my respective shopping apps, American Eagle/Aerie and Garage. Sometimes I like to dabble around with Shein, but that's when I start treading dangerous waters because the sizing there is atrocious for someone any bigger than a size four. I'm a size eight/ten who can't always rely on sizing to be accurate. I also like looking at boutiques on Instagram, but those tend to be hit or miss with me as well. They're also way too much money.

I tend to forget that I'm twenty-one years old and really need to save my money for important, adult things. I've also got sorority dues coming up as soon as I move back into school for my senior year, but that's three months away, so I've still got some leeway for spending.

My bank account screams NO while my heart screams YES.

Hello, I'm Briana and I'm a retail therapy/shopping addict.

I always want to make sure I look good and keeping up with trends that suit my taste and style is super important to me in doing so. I dress along the lines of someone "basic" but that doesn't bother me because I know I dress well. So suck it, haters! Buying a new shirt, or new jeans, or another bucket hat (because they're so comfy) is something I allow myself to do because it makes me feel so good. I like showing off how amazing my closet is and how well my clothes suit me as a person. When I look like trash I feel like trash and it's really as simple as that.

I'm in a constant body image struggle as of recently. One second I look at myself and feel like a billion dollars in Berkin purses, Herme's belts, and Tiffany jewelry while the other I feel like the ugliest thing you can possibly find at Forever 21. You see it, gag a little, and wonder who in the hell would want something so horrendous as you put it back in its place. Okay maybe that was a bit excessive, but on my worst days, that's really how I feel. When I get something new from one of my favorite stores, it's so cathartic for me. It makes me feel like I'm ten feet tall when I'm wearing something that actually fits me and makes me look great.

My pudge makes me self conscious, but in some outfits, I forget to be, and that's the best feeling in the world. I can walk around carefree and happy, instead of fixing a shirt or jeans to hide what I don't want anyone to see, not even myself. Clothes can hurt you, but they help you so much more than hurt. Yeah, sometimes you have a bad day trying things on that should fit that don't, or get a package to find out what you ordered is too small or too big, and those days suck. But that day isn't the end of the world because tomorrow starts another day.

Yes, my addiction to shopping is expensive because I have expensive taste. Do I wish I could curb my appetite for new things? Yes, but shopping and I are synonymous. So there's really no stopping this problem, especially when it gives me such a confidence boost.

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