Like a typical college student, I spend too much money on overpriced coffee and textbooks that I will never open but are made to buy. I work minimum wage and try to fit in working out while forgetting that coffee is not water and therefore realizing that is why I am very dehydrated as I run on the elliptical thinking of all the assignments I have to do later.

Yet, in the dark of my dorm room, there is a dimly lit corner of my laptop which holds the power to go straight to my Amazon Prime account and buy unlimited items that come with free two-day shipping.

When you are sleep-deprived, jittery from all the caffeine, and on a sugar high at one in the morning, pretty much everything seems like a good idea. Enter online shopping to that equation and you get a very hyped girl excited to be able to buy inexpensive items and get them within a few days.

My first year at college I would wake up to an email confirmation from Amazon that my item had shipped.

Sometimes I would remember buying the item, and other times I would totally forget. I would buy books with pretty covers with no readable content for the sake of aesthetic, order giant sweaters despite living smack-dab in the desert, and get great ideas like getting my dog a pumpkin Halloween costume and a reindeer Christmas outfit.

I could literally track time with the things I have bought on Amazon. What was I doing in July? Well, I bought four books for my vacation but ended up getting sick and had to read them all in bed at home. What happened in November of Freshman year? I got a cute mint Easter dress with a big bow and was too excited about it to wait till April so I wore it to church then.

Amazon is smart as well in the sense that they use cookies to advertise to you when you aren't even on the website. I can go on Facebook and be met with an advertisement for that cute dress that I have been dying to buy for days. Eventually, the temptation gets to be too much and I buy it instantly. Amazon also puts your wish list in the panel under the search bar to further tempt you to give them your money and I am a sucker for it and press buy each time.

Amazon is a magical world where you can find the most ridiculous items at a great price and receive it in no time. With a click of a button, you can get whatever you want until you run out of money. While it can be convenient and fun, it can also be addicting and drain your bank account. With that being said, I am admitting that I have an Amazon shopping addiction and I am going to get help for it. Right after I buy this last thing really quick.