I love shopping. As someone who went shopping every Sunday nearly every week of high school, and someone who is a fashion design major, it would be a lie to say that shopping doesn't make my heart flutter ever so slightly. I just love it. As I am home from college, my friends and I decided today to do a little retail therapy for ourselves, and since it is the holiday season, to shop for others as well (of course!)

As I wandered the mall with my friends, we honestly had the best time ever just asking for each other's opinions and wandering aimlessly down the aisles. There's something so great about shopping that we all get so excited about, and I would definitely say that's why we've been friends for years.

As I stood in the middle of Marshalls as we parted from the mall, I couldn't help but smile at the fact I had so many purchases from today waiting for me in the car. Although my debit card was not thanking me much after today's endeavors, I must say that the smile it put on all of our faces was worth the shopping trip. And it is always fun to shop for others too.

As our day of shopping started to come to an end, we decided we must grab some sushi. All three of us are obsessed with both retail therapy and sushi, so the day somehow came together perfectly. It was at the moment after our sushi and fried ice cream where we ended up at Friendly's, all with our own sundae's. I then realized that days like these are what are most needed after a crazy semester.

Retail therapy is that one thing that always had my back, and I would highly suggest using this as a tool as well, just as all of my friends always has. For some reason, it always works! Oh, and sushi too. And fried ice cream. As well as a sundae—because it just made our day that much better.