John Hurt died on January 27 at the age 77. He was one those actors you don't realize how many great movies they have been in until you stop to think. He was in everything from 1984 to Alien; to be completely honest it would be easier to name what he wasn't in. Each generation has their movie that John Hurt was in , 90's and 00's it was the Harry Potter films. 80's, it was the Alien and 1984 movies. However, the movie that he will be most remembered for will be The Elephant Man. His performance broke what it meant to be actor, he transformed and made the character his own while paying respect to man behind the movie. He was also even knighted. He is survived by his wife and his children.

My personal note: John Hurt was one of those actors that was in nearly ever movie that I watched. I watched The Elephant Man thinking how could anyone act, let alone be astounding at it, under all that makeup. When he played the dragon in Merlin, his voice was memorizing. I just watched Tinker ,Taylor, Soldier Spy the other day. In Doctor Who, which is the best show if you want to learn about random people in history or see David Tennant. When Hurt was on, he played the War Doctor. It may not be the role that he will be remembered for, but he seemed to bring joy to a role that in a lesser actor, would probably be just a grumpy old man. The twinkle in his eye helped make the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who something memorable.

So Sir John Hurt, thank you for the memories. Your work will be cherished for years to come, and your acting will inspire many. You will be missed. Condolences, deepest sympathies, and prayers to his family and friends.

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