My Children Will Be Who They Are Meant To Be
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My Children Will Be Who They Are Meant To Be

There is a sense in which God loves everyone in the whole world, and this love is not conditional.

My Children Will Be Who They Are Meant To Be

Disclaimer: I acknowledge that you have your right to an opinion and that this may offend many that have the same beliefs as you. This is America and freedom of speech is a right anyone can exercise. However, when your opinion shows ignorance, misconceptions, and a lack of acceptance, I feel the need to exercise my right, too. I love and respect everyone as humans (and friends!), and I support anyone's decisions to be gay, transgender, bisexual, or straight.

I, too, can't wait to be a parent one day. I can’t wait to witness my baby's first steps, the first words that come out of their mouths, or their first day of kindergarten. It brings me warmth to know that I will be the one that they will miss when I drop them off at college and the one that teaches them about God and His love. I will be the one who makes sure they stay on the right path — no matter what that entails.

My child will be able to express themselves as they choose. If my little boy wants the purple boots instead of the green pair, then he can have the purple. My son will be able to have long hair, short hair, or maybe he’ll want to shave it all off. I will be the parent who lets my daughter use the men's bathroom if she truly feels she does not belong in the women's bathroom. This is not about being comfortable with one color or another, one hairstyle or another, one bathroom or another... it's about being comfortable with who you are.

As a parent, how could you sleep at night knowing that you are forcing your child to be something that he or she is uncomfortable with? To the moment they are born, to the moment they discover who they are, I will love and accept my children, just as God love and accepts them, too. Boy or girl, my children will learn to respect others, embrace their strengths, and understand how to be a leader.

If my children do not like the gender that God gave them, I will support, encourage, and accept the gender which they choose to express themselves in. I will love them unconditionally no matter who they are, and so will God . I will not help them “fight their desire to be someone else,” but instead I will help them fight the ignorant opinions from people who don't understand who they are. Because the controversy of being transgender is a current issue, it is still considered a disorder in The World Health Organization’s medical classification manual — the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.

However, there are huge efforts to remove this from the manual because it's simply not a mental disorder like depression or anorexia. A recent study done in Mexico shows that the symptoms which can be considered a “mental illness” are transparent in most transgenders because of the “social rejection they face, rather than being inherent features of transgender identity.” If my children ever feel like what's on the inside conflicts with what people see on the outside, they will meet with therapists, counselors, and physicians. They will meet with them to seek help to assist them in the transition they desire. They will seek help to make the process a little easier and to make the changes that are needed. Through it all, they will constantly be reminded that Jesus and I love them — boy or girl.

We are throwing away cultural and sexist boundaries that restrict our children from being who they truly are. Were you born a male, but love wearing a dress and heels? That’s all right. Are you a female, but only see yourself marrying a female? That's just fine. Do you wish to be called a different name than what I gave to you? That’s OK, too. It is always OK to be who you want to be. It is always OK to express who you are. It is always OK to be unique. It is always OK to be you.

God didn't create “half man” or “half woman.” He created men and women. He created me. He created you. He created all of us. His love is unconditional and no matter which sex you choose to identify as, He will love you, just like I will.

My children will be who they are meant to be. It’s as simple as that.

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