I have come to the conclusion that this article was written by one of two types of people:

A white man/female who feels that they must stand up for the black population because they feel guilty for being white. Or, a black man/female who feels they need to put down the white female because they are entitled to do so based on the latest current events. Either way, I found this article to be ridiculous and a tad hypocritical.

First of all, it truly amazes me that it is deemed “ok” for an article to be written about a white female, but if there was an article that mocked the stereotype of a black female, it would be called racism. Is this not racism? Regardless of who it was written by, this is epitome of racism. Since when was the definition of prejudice and racism changed to “stigma against only black males and females?”

The entire article revolves around the “apparent” idiocy and ignorance adopted by the white and supposedly “fake blonde” (I guess only white women change their hair color nowadays) female. It’s simply laughable to me that people actually look at white females this way. Being white has no relation to ignorance, and neither does being black. A person can be ignorant and a person can very well be an idiot. But why does that person have to be a white female?

The first paragraph ends on an incredibly educated note saying that “white girls are the most under appreciated category in the world.” I’m assuming the author either doesn’t know many white females or simply makes assumptions based on social media or the 1% that fit his/her definition of the white female. Who do we feel under appreciated by? Society? Our families? Our friends? I’m not entirely sure what that means. Yet, the point of the article is about the ignorance of their target.

White women as a general percent of the population don’t look down on others as if we are part of some hierarchy. Sure, there are women and men all over the world who feel they are better than their equals. But why is it that white women are the only ones who think of others as “poor peasants,” according to the author? Is this person not doing the same thing by writing an article that puts down an entire category within the human race? Are they not establishing their need or want for power with this article? It’s baffling.

It amazes me that those who fight against racism and stereotypical prejudice are the same people who feel the need to publicize their opinions on all the wrong that the white population has done. If someone is so against racism, they would be fighting for actual and organic equality, not this new idea of equality that revolves around raising the black population up while putting the white down.

I whole heartedly believe in equality. I believe that we are all equals, but it’s those like the person who wrote this article that inhibit our ability to progress as a nation. Black, white, blue, or purple, we are all the same. We are one race: the human race. This article is an example of ignorance, not the white female.