In Response To My Over-Thinking Brain

You need to calm down.

You giving her a headache. There is no reason that you need to be nervous 100 percent of the time. Why are you even thinking about the homework that is due in a week? Why are you dwelling on the last message he sent her? Stop it, stop it right now okay?

You need to breathe.

You need to relax, you’re overworking yourself. See, you’re making her cry because you’re so stressed out. Focus on today, how is today? Oh god, don’t think about everything you need to do this week, stop you don’t need to do all of this now! …Just breathe.

When you get anxious it makes her nervous, she acts out and cries and goes to bed really late at night after fighting you for hours. You see, you’re making her sick with your constant thoughts, just let her live for a second.

You’re taking away from her time that could be spent being happy, talking to her friends and enjoying life. You’ve taken that and crushed it underneath heavy deadlines and constant thoughts of failure. Every second of her time does not need to be dedicated to her academics and in her heart, she knows this. Why do you make her feel bad?

Why do you question her every single time she goes out with friends, starts reading a leisure book or talks on the phone with her mom? Why do you have to constantly shove yourself inside of those happy thoughts with the terrible notion of not getting an A? Why do you allow her to feel so low that she hates herself every time she steps out of the library and into her bed.

She needs rest.

She needs fun.

She needs personal time.

Let her live her life. Academics are important but they aren’t so important that you let her forget to take care of herself for your benefit! Like you assume she can only take a nap after she has read 50 pages of her homework so fast that she forgets it the next day. Finishing an assignment quickly does not mean that she finished it correctly.

Let her pace herself. Let her take breaks and hot showers, do yoga and go for a walk in between her assignments. Let her take her life day by day so that deadlines don’t seem so bad and, in fact, she is able to welcome them in with open arms.

Let her know that you care about her.

Let her care about her.

Just breathe.

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