New Year's is the time of year where you're either a pessimist who looks down on those who create New Year's resolutions or you're someone who is taking the opportunity to actually better themselves in some way. If you fall into the category of being the person who wants to be better, you probably often find yourself slipping back into old routines and completely forgetting about the changes you try to make.

The key is consistency and starting out small. Most people who try to starve themselves to lose weight or try to stop smoking by quitting cold turkey are probably going to fail. They say that you form a habit after 28 days, so if you create a plan that you can stick to for about a month, you should be able to do it without even trying from then on out.

If you don't have anything specific in mind, these are small steps you can take to just be better in general. Some require more effort than others, but overall they are just small steps in the right direction.

1. Try to understand other's point of view and be less close-minded

2. Be more eco-friendly

3. Invest in skin care products because your $9 facial lotion isn't going to cut it

4. Find the right balance of being selfish and selfless

5. Cut your caffeine intake (if you can)

6. Call your mom often

7. Do that one thing that you have always wanted to do but you always found a reason not to

8. Find delicious ways to incorporate more vegetables into your diet; as a veggies hatrer I promise its possible.

9. Make more memories than you did in 2018; Nobody ever regretted having a good time to look back on in the future.

10. Drink more water

11. Plant a tree or two if you have the space to (see #2)

12. Give back and volunteer 

13. Be a good tipper or influence others who aren't to be one

14. Practice mindfulness

15. Spend less time on your phone and more time reading, your mental health with drastically improve.

16. Challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone.

17. Stop hitting the snooze button in the morning

18. Get out the habit of living a sedentary lifestyle.

19. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturuze; your appearance and body will thank you in the long run.

20. Stop focusing on the number on the scale and rather just being as healthy as you possibly can.

21. Even if you aren't in school anymore, continue educating yourself.

22. Make at least one new friend.

23. Find a new hobby

24. Spend more time in nature

25. If you're single, learn to love yourself first and not be dependent on others.

26. Donate the clothes you no longer wear (you should consistently do this at least once a year)

27. Buy a planner and make a habit of actually using it

28. Start consistently doing your house chores so you live in a cleaner and more organized atmosphere

29. Travel more and create new experiences for yourself

30. Get rid of all toxic people in your life for the sake of your mental health and overall well-being