11 Anytime Resolutions To Replace The Cliched 'New Year's Resolutions'

11 Anytime Resolutions To Replace The Cliched 'New Year's Resolutions'

Stop waiting for life to come to you. Just live it.


The year is coming to an end, and after everything that you have gone through this year, you are either excited for the New Year to bring new changes or waiting for the New Year to change your life. Every New Year, there is a new list of resolutions that many people probably won't actually follow through with. They will just push them off to the next year in the same vicious cycle that has been repeating for 10 years. There is no law that says that resolutions have to be carried out only at New Years, so for the people that are trying to make a change and better themselves, here are 11 resolutions that you can start with right now, or anytime.

1. Take time for yourself when you need it

There will come a point in time that you need a break or you are going to have a breakdown. TAKE IT. Take the day off work, skip the class, get your nails done, eat alone, take a walk. When you have a clear mindset and some time with yourself to really focus on bettering yourself, everything else you are doing will fall into place. You can't focus on lesson plans or a big meeting when you barely know the last time you had a home- cooked meal or brushed your hair.

2. Stop asking for permission and start asking for forgiveness

Okay. This may seem naive but hear me out... life is too short to worry about all of the "what if's." Stop waiting for someone to tell you that it is okay to do things. Eat the cake, buy the purse, eat the takeout, stay in for the weekend, go out all weekend, fall in love with someone new, say "no." Just do the damn thing. Nothing should cause you so much anxiety that you can't just do it without panicking. It is okay to make mistakes, so just make them and worry about cleaning them up later.

3. Love yourself, no matter what

The only person you really have in this world is yourself. You are who you will spend each and every day with forever. So why are you so hard on yourself? Every day, find a new thing you really love about yourself. You are nothing like anyone else and that is something you should be incredibly proud of. You have things that some people would die to have and yes, before you ask, someone does watch you when you are doing something in public and think you are magnificent. Own that, cherish it, and never ever forget it.

4. Drink a lot of water

This may not be your idea of a resolution, but it should be. Water is such an important necessity that people look past. It can clear your skin, hydrate your body, help you lose weight, get rid of a headache, and help your body flush out toxins. Just drink the damn water.

5. Read a new book

There are so many good books that people don't even know about. Some people don't read past high school. Like how is that even possible? Reading increases your vocabulary and strengthens your mind. It is something to do when you have nothing else to do, or something to occupy yourself with while you take a break from being busy.

6. Compliment at least one person a day

Everyone is going through something, so make just one person's day. You know how much better you feel when someone says something nice to you, so return the favor. You could save someone. You could be the best thing that happens to that person all day. Even if they don't even say thank you, know that you did something good and you should be proud of that.

7. Learn to accept compliments

Since you are giving them out, you should know how to accept them. Thank someone that says your shirt looks nice. Don't just smile and nod, don't just brush it off, and don't belittle yourself because you don't feel worthy of compliments. You are special. Accept that someone else sees that.

8. Tell your people that you love them

Your mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and even your mailman. Just tell them. Life is too short and love doesn't come around often, so make sure that the people you love know you love them. You may not get another chance to tell them.

9. Dance

Dance for fun. Dance because you are sad. Dance because you are happy. Dance because you had a long day. Dance because you are drunk. Dance just to dance. Put on your favorite song and be as funny as possible, dancing improves your mood. So just do it.

10. Meet new people

Step outside your comfort zone and do something new that gives you the chance to meet new people. Opening a new relationship could open a new door, so what are you waiting for? Meet someone new and make a new friend. Who knows where things could go? Your life will forever be changed by it.

11. Last but not least, embrace the change in the new year, but stop waiting for life to happen

Every time you push something off, you are losing valuable time in your life. Just do it because life is happening all the time. There will be new things coming to you in the new year, but they don't define how you live your life. You do. Embrace the changes and live for now.

This new year, make the resolution to give up on new years resolutions. Make a daily resolution, and start changing things now. You deserve to live your best life. Stop hiding and just do it.

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