20 Jokes That Only AP Psych Kids Understand

We've almost made it, fellow AP Psychology students! It may have been hard and we may have pulled out our hair over many a chapter test, but at least now we can understand these jokes, which provide a much-needed escape from all that cramming.

1. Psychologists certainly aren't comical.

2. When humanity is a little too obedient...

3. That #externallocus prob

4. Your subconscious needs to meet in the middle...

5. When your physiological needs aren't satisfied first...

6. How's that Oedipus complex?

7. When bae is so fine, you can't make speech noises on a neural level...

8. ...and you've been around them a lot.

9. That #bystandereffect

10. When your parents use the wrong parenting style on you...

11. Revenge of the NeoFreudians... #JungandHorney (and Adler and a few others)

12. As long as your hypothalamus is okay.

13. Avoiding that fundamental attribution error like...

14. ...and always on the hunt for fakes.

Yeah, your attitudes aren't changing fast enough to keep up with your behavior.

15. What was number 7 again?

16. We've all been there, Phineas

17. Science doesn't lie.

18. The behaviorists are coming.

19. The self-diagnosis is real...

20. ...except it's not.

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