Recently, I got rejected from a summer program I really, really wanted a spot in. I couldn't understand why I was rejected. I thought I submitted a great application, I did a solid job in the interview, but in the end, I wasn't what they wanted. In the moment, I felt devastated. I took the rejection really personally - I felt untalented, unworthy, and not good enough. I'm normally very confident, but I started questioning all my skills and qualities.

But later, one of my favorite bloggers sent out an email newsletter with the subject line "10 things YOU like about YOU." She challenged readers to write down anything they like about themselves for 10 minutes, and to not stop. Normally I don't do cheesy stuff like that, but since my confidence had really taken a blow, I decided to give it a try.

At first, I was slow moving in making my list. I wasn't feeling too "lovey dovey" towards myself lately, so coming up with things I liked was a challenge. I started by focusing on the physical, like my eyes and my freckles, but slowly, I got into a groove and started naming other things - things like my laugh, my writing abilities, how I always like to get outside, and my strong faith. Reminding myself of all my good qualities helped give me the confidence kick-in-butt I so desperately needed.

If you feel like you're confidence took a huge hit, take a break to spend time loving yourself. It may be tricky to remember all the things that make you great, but keep trying. I promise, EVERYBODY has special talents, interests and qualities that make them beautiful, be it pretty eyes or a warm laugh. In the face of rejection, focus on all the reasons you shine, and keep on tackling the world no matter what it throws your way. One rejection doesn't mean you're not worthy of love.