Oh Netflix. How I love and hate you so much at the same time is quite incredible. Sometimes you make me think I don't need a boyfriend. You are there when I need you, you comfort me, and can usually make me laugh. But let's not forget all the anger and frustration you bring along as well. Now that I think of it, you may be exactly like a boyfriend after all. Let's take a look at the many reasons why I love you.

1. You have all the shows and movies a girl could want.

2. You allow me to binge watch whenever I want.

3. You save me money from renting movies every night.

4. You provide me with old & new movies.

But, please let's not forget the reasons I hate our relationship.

1. You provide me with way too many choices and categories for an indecisive girl.

2. You are so sneaky in your ways of trapping me into watching hours and hours of shows/movies.

3. Is it really necessary to cause me so much pain waiting for new seasons to come on?

4. You put me into depression when my series is all over.

5. Why, oh why, did you have to create the notion of Netflix & Chill? It's a hard no.

Although my hatred for you seems to outweigh the good, I will never forget my favorite memory with you that will make me love you forever. You knew how much this would mean to me and I cannot thank you enough for doing so. Thank you for bringing back my favorite childhood memory, Full House.