Here's What 34 Couples Had To Say About Being Obsessed With Your Partner
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I Asked 34 Couples If It's Healthy To Be Obsessed With Your S.O., And Sorry Haters — Most Say Yes

Some people are obsessed with their S.O. and some are not. But is being obsessed healthy?

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Bobbie Hall

I am OBSESSED with my boyfriend. I'm obsessed with his kindness, his looks, the love he shows me, and especially his success. I'm obsessed with showing him off! Many people think it's problematic that I do this. I get it, it is a little weird. Especially since he's not as obsessed with me as I am with him. Sure, he loves me, but obsession is not where he is at or really ever has been.

I've been a "fangirl" for boybands all my life so being obsessed is basically my love language. His love language is different, and that's OK. But as I was thinking about this one day, I decided to see if I was really as alone in this as I thought I was, so I took to social media using a survey to find out: Are you obsessed with your S.O.? And... is being obsessed with your partner OK?

Some of them had things to say about:

Isabella, 20, together for 1.5 years:

"Why be obsessed with a person for a short period of time when you can live your lives, take your time, and enjoy the relationship?"

Anonymous, 21, together for 3 years:

"I think we both have our own level of obsession, but it's nothing crazy."

Mackenzie, 18, together for 2.5 years:

"We both love each other very much, and it'll be easier to be 'obsessed' when we're closer. But, all love fades over time and it's important to recognize that love is a commitment, not just a feeling."

Ellie, 18, together for 3 years:

"We're both pretty obsessed with one another. If you aren't (healthily) obsessed with your S.O., you're not as in love as you could be."

Maggie, 21, together for 3 years:

"We are both obsessed with each other but express it very differently. I'm very open and emotional and he is the exact opposite. With him, it's the little things he does for me constantly. I understand he's not a great communicator so I take his actions for words."

Jimmy, 20, together for 4 years:

"We are both so obsessed with each other. I know it's corny, but I still feel that spark every time we kiss."

Jamena, 21, together for 1.5 years:

"We are absolutely obsessed with each other. He might be a little more obsessed, as I sometimes need my time and my quiet space. We see each other whenever we can, but sometimes I like to not text and wait until I see him again."

Sara, 21, together for 7 years:

"We're obsessed with each other! After 7 years together you'd think you'd be out of the honeymoon phase, but our love grows deeper every single day."

LML, 21, together for 5 years:

"After five years, we both are — and I'm not exaggerating — GIDDY about how much we love each other. We both still have moments of awe when we re-realize how crazy amazing it is that we get to do life together. That out of the billions of people on earth, we both choose each other as being one another's very favorite ones. And that we get to go through all aspects of life, from growing up together to doing regular life stuff like cooking and running errands, to traveling, to parenting one day — and even get to HAVE SEX WITH — our absolute best friend. How insanely cool is that?"

Momma, 45, together for 26 years:

"We're married so I'd say we've passed this."

Just as the written responses showed, more people claimed to be obsessed with their S.O. than I had expected!

Overall, out of the 34 couples surveyed (68 people), 39 partners said they were obsessed, while 29 said they are NOT. So, maybe I'm not as alone as I thought.

Many of them made a point to say that they weren't "unhealthily" obsessed with each other. It sounds like many people are realizing that being obsessed isn't a bad thing, but it is important to realize when that obsession is at an unhealthy level.

I appreciated the input from those who are not obsessed, and I think the length of their relationships shows that it has worked for them, but I think I'll stick with the majority on this one and keep being obsessed with my boyfriend.

I won't force him to be obsessed with me, though, because that's where our unhealthy boundary lies.

I think the moral of the story is that some people are obsessed with their S.O. and as long as a healthy line is drawn, that's OK. There is no right way to have a relationship, as long as you both stay true, happy, and in love. That's something we can all agree on.

My next question comes from what "Momma" said: When you get married, does the obsession always leave? Look's like I've got a new question to answer...

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