I have learned that being by yourself is a bit scary because it seems like everyone else is so wrapped up in being with someone. If the person reading this is anything like me you are not easily influenced by your surroundings or by others, but being in a relationship seems luxurious. Keyword there seems.

Every relationship has their up and downs of course but the way social media portrays it is entirely different. People make it appear like you need to be with someone to reach the level of happiness they are at when this is not at all the case. The ones who are praising it the most are the ones who are almost always miserable in some other aspect of their life. It is easy to act like someone you are not when there is a screen in front of you. Do not be so naive and caught up in the pictures, and words you see on social media.

Have you ever tried to be in a relationship with yourself? By this I mean make yourself laugh, be comfortable in all your flaws, not even notice your flaws, treat yourself? All these contribute to a "healthy" relationship. Learning everything about yourself first so that you won't settle for another is so important. Once you learn everything, there is to about yourself it will make your communication with others so much easier.

No matter how long you have to be alone, make sure you are in a balanced place to deal with others, and whatever they may come with as well. Also, if you know, you are okay with where you are now and are ready to commit to someone take your time. Do not let others influence how fast or how slow you should be in a relationship; only you know how to pace yourself. Listen to your gut, your gut is almost always right.