10 Relatable Thoughts All College Students Have During Finals
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10 Relatable Thoughts All College Students Have During Finals

"Maybe I will just drop out."

10 Relatable Thoughts All College Students Have During Finals

Just a few thoughts we all have during the worst week of the semester.

1. I really need to study, but I think I will take a nap instead

Studying for exams is stressful enough, nothing a nap can't fix, right?

2. Why did I procrastinate all semester?

There is no feeling worse than realizing you procrastinated all of your work during the semester until the very end. What was once due in a month is now due in 5 days and there's no one else to blame but yourself. But somehow we never learn and the cycle continues for the remaining semesters.

3. What grade do I need on the final to pass the class?

Forget acing a final, sometimes you get so desperate that all you want is a passing grade.

4. Maybe this can be my dropped grade

If you get the luxury of a dropped exam grade in a class, this is definitely a thought you will have every day leading up to the final to avoid having a mental break down

5. I need a study break

Usually, a statement made 5 minutes into studying

6.Maybe I will just drop out

Realizing how much you have to do can definitely make the thought of dropping out sound amazing.

7. What is sleep?

Enough said

8. How have I been in the library for 20 hours already this week?

Who doesn't love living in the library?

9. How many more cups of coffee can I consume today before it becomes unhealthy?

Before you know it you are on your 6th cup of coffee for the day and it becomes a bit concerning

10. Just a few more days until summer, I can do this.

Counting down the days until summer just to get yourself through finals week. How many of us survive this horrible time in the semester.

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