Things To Do To Not Regret Your Freshman Year
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To All The Incoming Freshman, Please Learn From Me, A Sophomore Full Of Regret

Take it from me, the girl who wasted her freshman year doing nothing.

To All The Incoming Freshman, Please Learn From Me, A Sophomore Full Of Regret
Ava Chovanec

My freshman year at ASU was not easy. I was sad... a lot. Being far from home was not easy for me, but I let it control me. I let my situation of being far from my family and boyfriend, make me sad and control me. I let every bad thing that happened get to me and take over me. I had a great freshman year, but I regret a lot.

I regret being sad. 

I regret being so sad all the time and letting that define me as to who I was. I would never do anything but sit in my dorm room every night and just let myself be sad. It became who I was. I was the sad girl who sat in her dorm.

I regret not going out. 

I regret not going out with my friends every time they did. I'm not saying I wanted to get totally wasted every night, but I regret not seizing the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Instead, I put myself in this tiny bubble that I only let few people into.

I regret not taking advantage of opportunities given to me. 

From going out to meet new people to school related opportunities. ASU seriously opens up so many doors, no matter what school you're in. Constant opportunities are handed to you, and I didn't take a lot of them because I didn't want to.

I regret spending all of my time on "homework".

I did all my work and I had good grades this year. I did what I had to do, but I always used "homework" as an excuse to not do something as simple as going out to eat with my roommates (sorry guys, I still love y'all).

I regret wasting my time. 

I would waste so much time dwelling on myself. I would think about how sad I was, how lonely, how much I missed my family and boyfriend, rather than looking at the bright side of things. Like how I'm really growing as a person and learning how to be responsible and on my own. How I did great school wise the first year. How I really saw my progress in all aspects of my life. I didn't take last year to really experience college life, and I was miserable.

My first year was full of great memories but full of things I wish I didn't do. I make a vow to myself that this year I branch out. I will seize every opportunity and say "yes" more than "no." I will not waste the next three years of my college career being sad and being holed up in my room. I will have no regrets.

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