As the school year is coming to an end, students are getting ready to pack up everything in their dorm room so they can move back home for the summer. It is a bittersweet time because the past year, it is where you had the best memories were made. Living in that cramped room for a year and it has been your home away from home.

However, life keeps going and I'm ready for sophomore year. It's crazy that my first year of college is over. I never thought this day would come and I'm so ready for my last final to get here. It's been an awesome year. I made some amazing friends, get a job, and I have been writing for Odyssey. Though, I will say there are things that I regret about to bring into college that I'm not planning to bring back in the fall.

1.  Not trying to step out of my shell

I was literally so scared to try anything new and that kind of held me back. I really wished that I found my own "thing" but I got next year.

2. Laziness

College is so hard and sometimes you just want to stay in bed all day because you just want to watch Netflix. Sometimes, you just need a three-hour nap. However, that ten-page essay is not going to write itself. Oh, did I mention that it is due the next day at 8:30 am.

3. Being narrow-minded

College is where you experiment and discover who you are so don't just assume that something or someone isn't for you. For me, I have had this thought to transfer from NC State, so it prevented me from looking around me and take everything in.

4. Having extra books and school supplies

Honestly, it is not necessary to have. You are never going to find the time to read a book just for fun because of the class assignments that you have and you're going to want to have out instead being locked up into your room. Also, the only thing you would need for class is your laptop, five-subject notebook, and a pen.

5.  Bringing valuables

Don't bring those nice pieces of jewelry because college tends to be a place where there's a lot of stealing. Also, you could lose those priceless pair of earrings that you got from your mom.

6. Bringing a lot of towels

I only ended up using two to three towels, but I had ten towels that were given to me as my graduation gifts. There's a laundry room to wash those towels so there's no need for so much.

7. Bringing my entire closet

Same thing goes with the point about towels. That was the dumbest thing I have ever done. I only end up wearing 20 shirts over the span of the year. Also, I ended up getting new shirt when I went shopping. Just don't waste that precious space.

8. Bringing makeup

I can't remember the last time I wore makeup when I was in college, I think I only wore it like three or four times throughout the year. Also, makeup takes up a lot of space and too much effort to put on and take it off.

9. Bringing too much decor

I understand putting a little bit of decor to spruce up a ugly room but don't go overboard. It's a pain to take everything down at the end of the year and it's scary when a command strip pulls the paint right off the wall.

10. Keeping a lot of food in my room

I seriously thought that Freshman 15 wasn't a thing. I was like, "it's not gonna happen to me." However, it did and I can thank my stupid self for doing that. There was a lot of temptation to eat a lot of food because it was right there in my dorm room. Sometimes you don't feel like walking all the way to the dining hall even though I live three minutes away from it. I recommend not making a habit though.

So, I thought these tips would be helpful for future and current college students so you don't make the same mistakes I did. Good luck with your college journey!