Regardless Of What They Tell You, You Really Don't NEED College

Regardless Of What They Tell You, You Really Don't NEED College

You probably haven't heard this in a while.

Nowadays, all you hear is "Go to college! Get a degree," or else you will not be successful. Realistically, college just isn't for everyone. Some people cannot sit through a two-hour lecture and retain information. Some are not able to pay thousands of dollars for an education that doesn't guarantee a full-time career. A large mass of people have obtained skills that are demanded in the real world, and they don't need college.

We shouldn't shame those people, we should encourage them.

These people make the world go round. If everyone was to go straight to college, we as a society would be missing so many key roles in the work world. Shame it all you want, but we would be miserable without these hard working men and women! Who would be the (rather glorious) garbage man? That is one heck of a job to have, those people are definitely sacrificing so much for us. What about fire fighters? We NEED those wondrous people.

How many times a week do you go to McDonald's, Wendy's, Chipotle or any other fast food restaurant? It takes months, maybe even years to become a manager in those places. In order to become a manager, employees must go through training and spend endless amounts of time working. That is NOT an easy job to choose to do every day for 40+ hours a week.

Not that we don't need doctors, lawyers, and other degree-dependent personnel but we need to have a balance between the two. Neither should be shamed.

If someone has the opportunity to go to school and become one of the top doctors in the world, then they should do so if that is what their calling in life is. On the other hand, if someone has their heart set on becoming a first-line supervisor or a commercial pilot, then they should follow their dreams and be encouraged just as much as college-attendees.

The only difference between blue-collar jobs and white-collar jobs is the way/place that the job is completed. People also associate wealth with the white collar jobs, which isn't accurate. I know a man whose name I am not going to specify, but he is from my home town. He is one of the wealthiest men in our town and the surrounding towns. He has worked very hard to get to where he is, and it took a lot of dedication to get there-- this man has no college education.

Life isn't entirely about who you know or what you know, but it is about who you make yourself out to be. Putting everything aside, dedication and heart are what make up a successful person. It has nothing to do with your college diploma or current job position — it's about who you are deep down.

Don't let the fire in your eyes die, and go take whats yours.

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So I've been told. Hopefully, it's worth it.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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