Why I Refuse To Vote For Hillary Clinton
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Why I Refuse To Vote For Hillary Clinton

Why should a pathological liar be the leader of this country?

Why I Refuse To Vote For Hillary Clinton

As a woman, a lot of Americans think that all women should be voting for Hillary Clinton. They say Trump is degrading toward women. Voting for him will cause us to go back far in history, taking away our rights such as pro-choice, according to most feministic magazines, blogs, and even news channels. However, I would rather have the right to not get an abortion than a pathological liar for president.

Clinton claims that she is all for women's rights but did she or did she not get charges for a 42-year-old rapist dropped? The girl was 12. Girl. Women's rights? She laughs about it too, saying she knew he was guilty. How is this ethical and how does this match up with women's rights? It doesn't. There are also videos of her talking about her political views, topics like she is against gay marriage, that she is suddenly for. She will say anything to get elected for president.

Clinton got fired from the Watergate investigation because she removed files and then lied about it. How are we going to have someone for president that constantly lies to protect themselves? That is not even counting all of the emails she deleted, putting the nation at risk, that she lied about and refused to be accountable for.

Let's not forget to mention that her own party refuses to support her. Bernie Sanders even said Clinton was "unqualified for president," someone in her own party does not even want to vote for her. Obama did not support her either until she was the only candidate left in the party. This has to speak volumes about the type of leader she is: in the words of Donald Trump "very bad."

What about amendment rights? Clinton wants to get rid of American's right to bare arms. Of course her security guards will still have guns though. How is that fair? Regular citizens are not allowed to protect themselves with their amendment rights but superiors are entitled to it? It is not just.

In the last debate, Trump also brought up a very valid point. With as much money as Clinton has made in her political career thus far, why does she refuse to at least somewhat fund her own campaign? She is instead taking money from countries who suppress women and kill gays. She supports these people in America so why does she not support them globally? If she cares about both of these groups of people so much, why would she gladly take money from countries that hate them?

I am not saying Trump is perfect by any means, but what I am saying is that he is the lesser of two evils between the two candidates and that is why i will be voting for him this upcoming November.

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